Create More Space in your Bedroom with these 4 DIY Storage Tips


 Bedrooms are notoriously tricky places to find space. Once you’ve put your bed into the middle of the room, a bedside table, a chest of drawers and maybe a couple of personal touches, there isn’t much space left, certainly not enough to swing a cat.

Create More Space in your Bedroom with these 4 DIY Storage Tips

The following tips will help free up some space through inventive DIY storage and innovative products, or what we like to call: cat swinging solutions.

Vintage suitcases (and hollow ottomans)

A few vintage suitcases stacked near the corner of a bedroom is a solution both practical and artistic (if done well). Appealing and retro, these suitcases are perfect for de-cluttering and can be an art piece in themselves. Similarly, hollow ottomans works equally well as art-meets-storage.


Vintage suitcases can hold a lot while maintaining a classic look around the home [Image Courtesy of

Build some floating bookshelves


A lot of bedroom storage hacks center around hanging, whether it’s racks, bins or shelves. There are all sorts of tricks but we love this floating bookshelf (#3 on the article list), which is just perfect for narrow wall spaces. They’re easy to construct and look great, exuding a modern, minimal look. Of course, you don’t solely have to display books… they’re great for your favourite pictures or memorabilia.



The illusion of these affordable floating shelves gives off a clever, mature feel [picture courtesy of: Amazon

Over-the-door hangers

Not nearly as cosmetically attractive as the others mentioned here, over-the-door organizers certainly do save space. Able to hold a lot – partly due to the door frame taking most of the weight – these can be built or bought. Often they’re inexpensive and we love the diversity they bring. You can store almost anything in them, from gloves and scarves to shoes and torches.

Drawer dividers

Perhaps the simplest solution of all is to build/craft or buy some drawer dividers. You’d be amazed how much redundant space is wasted inside a chest of drawers. These come in all shapes and sizes (plus they’re incredibly simple to make) and can help you store loads more clothes. Another great solution is to organize your chest of drawers like a filing system, whereby you place metal rods across the drawer and fold your t-shirts etc. over the top

3Check out this expandable, easy-to-install divider, a great way to compartmentalize your clothes [picture courtesy of: OrganizeIt

Of course, there are plenty of other DIY bedroom storage solutions you can create at home or invest in. All of them have one thing in common: they help reduce clutter and make your home more organised.

For more inspiration in the same vein, check out;


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7 years ago

The floating bookshelves look awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Kristine Manley
7 years ago

I love the idea of the draw dividers.