5 Tips For DIY Garage Door Repairs


It often happens that the maintenance of garage doors doesn’t cross a homeowner’s mind until something goes wrong. One of the essential things to do to lower the risk of breakdowns is to perform systematic maintenance and garage door care. Some of the problems can be detected well in advance before they become significant issues. This will also ensure a garage door that operates effortless and lasts longer.

Visual inspection

Our best recommendation is to perform periodic inspections visually and paying careful attention to how the door is opening and closing over time. For instance, does it run smoothly when going up or down or does it appear to have jerky movements? And do both sides seem to be balanced?


It’s always advisable to inspect all the bolts on the doors and tighten the ones that appear to have loosened with a socket wrench. Bolts need to be checked at least twice yearly and tightened, mainly if the door is used regularly.


It is essential to examine the rollers as well as the trolley system on your garage door at least once every year. They generally need replacing about every seven years. Rollers that appear to are worn, cracked or chipped must be replaced right away and to do this effectively, the roller brackets that is not directly joined with the cable system must be removed and re-installed


Regular inspection of the springs located above the door panel is necessary to check for any signs of rust or damage. Springs are vital for counterbalancing the weight of a garage door, and a malfunctioning spring will prevent the door from opening. It is strongly advisable to contact Portes De Garage MB if this is the situation which you’re facing to send out a technician to repair the torsion spring immediately. In addition, fractured weather-stripping must be replaced as well to prevent moisture from entering the garage. This can be done by yourself by purchasing weather stripping at your local hardware shop. It must be cut, sized and inserted into the furrows while keeping the broad incline of the flange on the interior of the door.

When to contact a professional to do repairs

There are certain repairs that should not be attempted by yourself as they are too dangerous, and its best to contact a garage door professional with the appropriate expertise and tools to perform the repairs safely. Replacing springs are one of the most hazardous jobs. Garage door springs have a high volume of tension, and if they are suddenly released or snap, they can cause significant injury and sometimes even death. Cabling should also be repaired by a professional since they are joined to the springs and pose a risk of bodily injury as well. Make sure the springs and cables must be inspected regularly and checked for any frayed or rusted ends. If you notice apparent signs of wear, it is time to call a repair company.

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Penelope Smith
5 years ago

This is some really good information about garage door repair. It is good to know that you should think about doing visual inspections. It seems like it would be smart to get a professional to help you repair your garage door.

5 years ago

I love your garage door tips. My door is broken. I’ll have to hire someone to install a new one.

Skyler Williams
4 years ago

Thank you for your tip to check the bolts in the garage door at least twice a year to make sure they are tight. I’ve noticed recently that I’m having trouble opening my garage door. Maybe it is the bolts but if not I’ll have to call a professional repairman to help me out right away.