The Most Important Things to Include When Listing a Property


If you are looking to sell or rent out a property, you should take some time to learn how to write a good advertisement. The property market is growing at the moment, but buyers are still in a position of power. By including the right information in your advertisement you will be more likely to attract qualified renters or buyers, saving you time, and ensuring you seal the deal as quickly as possible.

What a Good Ad Looks Like

A good property advertisement should include a short eye-catching statement that explains what you are offering – for example, “Two bedroom property in school area, close to amenities, for rent”. This statement will attract the attention of the kind of buyers or renters that you are looking to attract, and encourage them to read further.  After that, you should spell out the features, benefits and details of the property, including:

Size and Layout

Most buyers will want to know the size and layout of the property. How many bedrooms does it have? How many bathrooms, and are any of them en suite? Do you have a particularly large kitchen, a conservatory, or anything else that people may be interested in? Be sure to provide sizes for each room in the ad.

Gardens and Parking

A large garden is a good selling point, as is an enclosed yard for off-street parking. A garage is an even more enticing feature. Describe what you have in detail. If you have a garden, include a photograph if possible.


The mantra “location, location, location!” definitely applies to house hunting. Different demographics will be interested in different locations and amenities. Think about the things that are available in your area, such as night life, doctors and hospitals, schools, offices, public transport and shops. Highlight the most interesting and popular locations in your ads.


If you are renting out a property, clearly state the deposit that you require, along with details of the rent, along with what the rent includes. If the property is furnished or the rent includes utilities then you should advertise this.

If you are selling the property, highlight the tax band and your asking price. If you are lucky enough to be selling without a chain then this is worth advertising, because a buyer looking to move quickly will be particularly interested in the property.

Writing Ads That Sell

If you include all of the above details in a matter-of-fact ad, you are already well ahead of the crowd, but if you can make the advertisement sound appealing you will stand an even better chance of completing the sale. Choose your words carefully, and pick attractive adjectives. Don’t say “old” when you mean “period”, or “small” if “quaint” would work as well.

Remember your audience, too. Students are more likely to be interested in a flat that offers “Good public transport links and easy access to the town center” than an “attractive home in a quiet neighborhood with picturesque views”. Write your ad copy with your ideal renters or buyers in mind.

This article has been researched and written by Philippa. Philippa is a keen property writer and believes that most property listings aren’t thought through, audience wise. The article has been put together on behalf of Bingham Self Storage. Check out their Twitter page, here.

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