The Best Gifts for Elderly Family Members


Gift giving can sometimes be tricky, particularly if it’s for someone in a different stage of life than you. You want to give something meaningful and useful but might not be quite sure what this looks entails. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to improve the quality of life for a special senior in your life (whether they’re your grandparents or another elderly family member), here are some ideas to help you find the perfect gift.

1. Gifts for Their Pets

Is your elderly family member a dog owner? Consider gifting them something for their pet. You can make the dog a blanket or get them a personalized collar. If your family member is still taking their dog for walks, look into buying them a harness for dogs. Considered to be the best harness on the market, a Joyride dog harness is easy to get on and off and is a secure fit over the dog’s chest rather than the dog’s neck. The harness works for both small dogs and large dogs and will make it exponentially easier for your family member to walk their puppy. Unlike using a leash, the harness gives the owner better control over the dog and stops the pup from pulling, which will be more comfortable for the dog and helpful in preventing potential falls.

2. Puzzles

Another great option for a gift is a jigsaw puzzle, which is an activity that your elderly family member can do solo or with loved ones. The challenge of putting together a puzzle keeps their mind active and exercises their hands, which can be particularly useful for individuals living with arthritis. Having a puzzle to come back to each day is a great way to add some routine to the day as well. If you’re looking for ideas for jigsaw puzzles, think of places and hobbies they like. Are they a nature or animal lover? Perhaps they still daydream about the trip to Paris they took years ago. You even have the option to create personalized puzzles on photo sites, which allow you to turn a treasured family photo into a puzzle for your beloved grandparent to put together.

3. Games

Most senior citizens are retired and have more time on their hands than before. Games are a great way to occupy their time, while also serving as a social activity they can do with others. Give them a game like Scrabble, Boggle, card games, chess, or Trivial Pursuit that they can play with their partner or with friends. “Brain games” that challenge their thinking and exercise their minds are a particularly great gift to help keep their minds sharp.

4. Natural Ointments and Remedies

Natural ointments are a perfect gift for investing in the wellness of an elderly family member. Soothing balms and lotions help ease achy joints and sore muscles, while herbal supplements are a great way to boost their general immune function and health.

Even though it might seem unconventional for someone of their age group, elderly citizens have been increasingly gravitating towards CBD products. CBD is an extract from the hemp plant that contains only trace amounts of THC, offering high rewards and minimal side effects. CBD products have yet to receive FDA approval as research is still being conducted to understand the exact benefits, so it is important to research reputable brands that use organic products and to understand the potency of the product you buy. A CBD tincture, such as one focused on relaxation, is mixed with other oils such as fennel oil, basil oil, and citrus oils. Have your loved one use the dropper to place the correct dosage under their tongue and hold it for a couple of minutes. They will notice the benefits quickly and may have a new favorite remedy for aches, pains, and anxieties that might be holding them back. Of course, you should always discuss CBD with a doctor before using it for the first time, as you would any other remedy or supplement.

5. Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book is a fantastic gift for an elderly family member. In later stages of life, things are less important than meaningful gestures and tokens of memories. Put together a personalized photo album or photo book for your grandparents. Maybe the album is a collection of family photos through the years from the when they first met, through the beginning of their marriage and having children, to later years with grandchildren. Perhaps you want the book to be focused around holidays and put together memories and photos from Christmases, birthdays, and other family celebrations. Whatever you come up with, this thoughtful gift is something your family member will enjoy for years to come.

6. Smart Speaker

smart speaker, such as Google Assistant or Alexa Dot, is a great option for a senior family member. You may need to help them set the speaker up and learn how to use it, but once you do, this technology will greatly simplify their life. With a voice-activated speaker, they’ll no longer have to get up and down as much to turn on and off things like lights or the TV. Alexa can help them perform simple functions like setting a timer or asking google for information on a random topic or the weather. They will also be able to play their favorite music with the ease of a voice command, which is a phenomenal enhancement to your family member’s life.

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