Can We Make Some Actual Money Or They Are Scams In 2019?


Due to the hiking standards of living, everyone is concerned about making money in 2019. A recent “scam-call epidemic” report released by the Orion First (a Telecommunication firm); almost half of the mobile calls that will be made in the coming year might be fraudulent. The information is scaring especially to legitimate businesses trying to contact their consumers. Fortunately, T-mobile is trying to curb the issue by starting a screening company to help detect all spam calls.

The truth is; a significant number of people are interested in making quick money, and that’s why it’s essential to find a genuine way of earning an income. If you are running after fast cash, it’s difficult to land a straightforward hustle. Sometimes back a friend landed a referral job online. Her progress was quite impressing to the extent of inviting several people. One morning she woke up to a heartbreaking email where all her finance accounts were frozen. Recovering from the ordeal was hard. If not cautious, you can lose a decade saving to scamming.

However, there are millions of ways to earn clean money although it demands your passion, determination, and hard work before to see a return. You also need some patience to succeed since you cannot get rich overnight; Days may pass, months, and even years. A significant percentage of people relying on genuine ways have died without fulfilling their heart desires. On the other hand, a lot of people relying on “clean money” have made it to their destiny. The best thing about finding actual money is that it is safe, therefore; no one will be running after you.

If you are interested in “get rich quick” schemes, you may not succeed in 2019 since the discovery of spam apps such as Truecaller, Call Blocker, Synch. Me, Call Control, Mr Number, Call Bliss, YouMail, Hiya, Trap Call, and Show Call among others are on the watch. Secondly, the security agencies are collaborating with the telecommunication companies on the lookout for spammers and scammers.

How to find a real job and avoid scams

With the increasing scamming tricks, one can get trapped easily into joining a scam group. Correct application of the hacks will help you to detect any spamming traces.

Conduct Internet research

Do not be desperate to the extent of assuring the prospective employer about working with them. Take your time to conduct internet research about the firm. For instance; if the company’s name is “Techmax,” you can research on their legibility by typing on the search box “Techmax scam,” “Techmax Spam history,” “Techmax legible,”  “Techmax reviews,” “Techmax complains,”  Techmax scandals” among other formats. You will get notified of any spamming record or accusation.

If the results aren’t satisfying, you can try searching their phone number from a call blocker app on your Smartphone, or the internet. If possible, try to prove whether the allegations were genuine. In case the company has a website, open it to read the privacy policy details and their profile.

Follow your instincts

This is the best way to avoid illegible gigs since your guts cannot lie. On the other hand, the hack can be tempting especially if you have been out of a job for a while or if you get an assurance of an attractive salary. If initially, you doubted the business, assume the salary part and analyze their approach. If the employer tried to push you into the job or they stated unclear responsibilities trust your instincts and walk away from it. There are hundreds of genuine offers out there; focus on them.

Question the invitation  

Reputable employers have a better way of sending invitation requests. Any automated job email is a red flag. Secondly, why would anyone interview you via email or text message? Such an instant should alert you of jokers and scammers. In case of an abroad offer, any transparent hiring manager may notify you of an interview via an email and a phone call. After that, an interview is conducted via video conferencing, phone call or both. Local companies usually suggest a face-to-face interview. If you detect any of those, run!

Try to reach out for company details

Some scammers may go to the extent of disguising in a reputable company name. Try to reach out for additional firm details from them. Other scammers will reveal the job’s responsibilities and hide the company name with the excuse that, they may lose the commission of referring you to the company. In case the recruiter stated the company name, you can contact the company to confirm the existence of the said opportunity and whether the caller is one of the staffs. You can then decide after the company’s response.

Be aware of the scammer’s tactics

With the increasing rate of unemployment and high living standards, you can find yourself in the middle of a scam. We at Momblogsociety have compiled the below signs of a scam recruiter.

High payments for little work: Even though everyone is after earning more, you should be cautious with such offers. Take a sober moment to reflect on the assured responsibilities and payments. For example; An employer offering you $10,000 for a storekeeping position. You should detect something fishy from this unless something isn’t mentioned.

An email address consisting of a person’s name: Acquiring a professional email address is a five minute (utmost) process. Why trust a recruiter whose company email is [email protected]? You should detect something fishy even before responding to their email.

A job posting with obvious grammatical and spelling mistakes:  Genuine companies will prefer hiring editors to do the job postings.

They request your personal information such as bank account details, social security number, among other personal information before conducting the interview.

The hiring manager offers a job without an interview: The fact that there is a particular fear in facing the interview panel doesn’t mean the recruiter should skip the process. A genuine employer should at least request a CV to check on the job experience and the referees.

Conclusively, everyone should be cautious before responding to any unclear job offer to avoid being involved in scam schemes. Secondly, scamming is a short-term job that risks everything you have. Remember, scamming is illegal. Why join them yet there are millions of genuine ways to make some actual money out there?

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tank trouble
4 years ago

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Michael Adams
Michael Adams
4 years ago

I think it’s important for us to know about this. Those scammers have been around trying to harass our privacy life and steal our money since years ago. They are never getting tired of trying to steal our money. I have read thousands of reports filed at sites like since years ago. Beware and keep on extra guard, folks.