Tips on Raising Your Puppy When You’re a Full-Time Working Mom


As per recent reports, more than one-third of all households have a pet dog. You won’t be surprised to know that so many people love dogs as there are plenty of benefits of owning a dog which have more to do than just love and companionship. If you’re a mom who has recently adopted a pet dog, you would know that owning a dog is one of the biggest factors in getting people moving outdoors. A study in Australia showed that the owners of a dog walked an average 18 minutes in a week than those who didn’t own dogs.

Dog ownership isn’t something that should be taken lightly by anyone because the love that you feel for your pet dog is a double-edged sword. While it brings pleasure, it is also thrusts you with enough responsibility. If you’re a working mom who spends 9-10 hours of your day at work, only investing in the best pet insurance Australia is not all that you can do. How are you expected to give time to your pets?

Should you own a puppy when you work full-time?

Well, you can’t deny the fact that puppies don’t remain puppies for long. When they’re extremely young, they require lot of attention. If you’re a working mom, you need commitment and determination for raising a puppy and there are high chances that you’ll need help from someone. They are in dire need of companionship, potty training and frequent meals. It is not that it is impossible to raise a puppy when you work but you have to do it in a proper manner.

How long can your puppies be left alone?

The number of hours for which you can leave your puppy alone depends entirely on their age, their stages of potty training and whether or not the pet is crated. Here are few things to take into account.

  • From 8-10 weeks of age: When it is a new puppy, it will need more time and attention. If you leave him alone during this time, he will get extremely upset. You are supposed to take some time off from work and take him out for frequent toilet intervals so that he can get accustomed to spending time alone.
  • From 10-12 weeks of age: The bladder of your puppy will be increasing in capacity but he may still find it tough to hold on for 4 hours until you come home during lunch. In case you’re bound to leave him along for 4 hours, you will need a puppy pen to keep him out of mischief and safe.
  • From 3-6 months of age: By the time he reaches 6 months of age, he can probably stay cool for 3-4 hours without any issue and he may even feel happy to sleep in an adult-sized crate. Keep in mind that 6 month old pups can jump pretty high and hence the puppy pen should be high enough.

Hence, if you’re a mom to a puppy and you’re a working mom, take into account the above mentioned tips and advices to take good care of your pet.

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