5 Residential Plumbing Issues Where You Need The Help Of A Plumber


Many plumbing repairs can be carried out by homeowners. When the water pressure is truncated, the showerhead can be cleaned, the water meter valve checked, or several other minor repairs can be tended to. However, with numerous plumbing repairs that can arise, how can you determine which ones should be repaired by a licensed plumber?

A Rapid Water Supply Line Leak

When a water line bursts, it results in significant flooding throughout your home. While it’s not a common occurrence, it does happen occasionally, and then you must act quickly. First, check for intermediate cut-off valves close to the leak so that they can be turned off. Alternatively, the main water shut-off valve that supplies water to the entire house can be turned off. Then, a licensed plumber must be contacted immediately.

No Water In The Home

In the event of no water in the house, it is usually generalized around the area, like in the shower or the bathroom sink. But it’s unusual not to have water throughout the entire home. Check the water outlets in the house to assess if none of them have water. If you have a problem with the water heater, the cold tap should still be running. If all the taps are without water, then you may have a severe water. An underground water pipe may have burst; therefore, you must phone a 24 hour plumber NYC immediately to attend to the issue. The leak may also be located at the water meter.

You Have A Fast Leaking Drainage Line

If you have a leak from the trap in the kitchen or bathroom directly below the sink counter, it is a common problem that homeowners can fix themselves. However, drainage lines aren’t always accessible, and the leak may be coming from under the floor or behind a wall. The fastest way to fix this issue is to call a plumber to prevent any further damage.

Sewer Line Leak Or Gassy Odors

An indication of a blocked or broken sewer line is usually pools of smelly, murky water, or gooey soil. When you run the sink, and your toilet starts filling or your bathtubs are filling with wastewater, it’s another indication of a sewer line problem. This line is essential for your home to function since all wastewater is carried out through this line from dishwashers, toilets, washing machines, tubs, sinks, and showers. That is why a plumber needs to attend to this immediately.

The Water Heater Has A Gas Leak

If you smell natural gas in the vicinity of your gas meter, it’s time to phone a gas company. If you suspect the gas leak is coming from the gas water heater, it is not normal. It means the thermocouple (flame sensor) on the water heater may have malfunctioned, or there may be a leak in the flexible or rigid pipes that are leading to the heater. The leak may be in the pipes or the couplings itself. It’s best to phone a licensed plumber to come to investigate sooner rather than later.

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