5 Reasons a New Coat of Paint is the Answer


Cold winters, hot summers, and wear and tear, all take a toll on your home’s appearance. Be it outdoor or indoor, a new coat of paint is always the answer.

A change is as good as a holiday. Something as simple as rearranging your furniture can change your mindset and leave you feeling refreshed. If you can get that temporary serotonin from a small change in furniture, imagine how much happier you will be with a freshly painted home. 

5 Reasons to Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to Your Home

There are many reasons to try this fresh paint perspective for yourself. With a few tins and a professional painter and decorator, you could change your whole décor. 

1 – The existing paintwork is chipped or cracked

We consulted with expert painters in Edmonton for advice on how you know when you need a new paint job. They advised that peeling, chipped, and cracked paintwork is usually a sign that you should paint a wall, fence, or your building. They recommended anti-fungal paint for wood, anti-dust paint for workrooms, and a weatherproof paint for your home’s exterior walls.

2 – Your room feels faded

Did you recently decorate but the colors seem dull? If you picked a poor-quality paint, then a touch up will benefit you. Choose a tougher, longer lasting, or stronger paint and touch up that décor. Even better, hire a painter to do it for you for that professional touch. Hiring a painter to decorate your home is an affordable way to give it an excellent finish.

3 – The exposed floorboards are looking rough

If you like the feeling of wooden flooring underfoot, you may well peel back the carpets and buff up those floorboards – but you don’t have to be dull about it. Sure, you can polish them to a fine shine and spend the next month sliding from space to space, or you could be a little different and give them a good coat of paint. Imagine a hot pink in your youngest kid’s bedroom, or full black for your teenager’s room. You can see this article for more information on which paints are best for your floorboards. 

4 – Arriving home feels dull

Giving your home a fresh coat of exterior paint gives you that little jolt of excitement when you arrive home. Whether you brighten a white or change color entirely, it feels like arriving at a new property or a shiny new hotel.

5 – Painting adds curb appeal

Not only does arriving home to a newly painted house make you feel like a kid on Christmas morning, but it also adds curb appeal. If you are trying to sell your home, this makes a great first impression. Painting the interior or the exterior of your home has a resale value around 60% or higher. Any investment you make in brightening the property before you sell will add to its value and painting is one of the best. 

A New Coat of Paint Could Raise Your Spirits

After all of this, the biggest reason to add a new coat of paint to your home is that it lifts your spirits. That change in texture, finish, or color, boosts your mood. A change is as good as a holiday, remember. And holidays are just the break you need.

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9 months ago

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for your space, offering an instant transformation and a multitude of benefits. First, it revitalizes the ambiance, breathing new life into tired walls. I say you can check painters and decorators north london and learn more information about the best paint. Second, it enhances aesthetic appeal, allowing you to experiment with color and style. Third, it provides a protective barrier, safeguarding surfaces from wear and tear. Fourth, it increases property value, making it a wise investment. Finally, it promotes a sense of cleanliness and well-being, fostering a more pleasant environment.