5 Places Where You Need to Keep a Close Eye on Your Kids


Moms know that if you have kids, especially young ones, it can be difficult coming up with activities to keep them entertained. If you have a four-year-old, for instance, they’re at an age where they love to explore and discover things. You want to accommodate them by taking them to places where they can run around and burn off energy so they’ll sleep through the night.

There is never a shortage of places for moms to take their kids, but you should watch out for dangers while you’re there. In this article, we’ll talk about five places where you might enjoy taking your child, but you definitely ought to keep an eye on them while you’re there to make sure nothing happens to them.

Trampoline Parks

At first, a trampoline park might seem like the perfect place to take your rambunctious youngster. They are designed for kids to run around and burn off excess energy.

However, some parents feel like these parks are too dangerous for kids of any age. The stats back that up. One study found that between the years 2010 and 2014, trampoline park emergency room visits increased by over 1000%.

If you decide to take your kid to a trampoline park to pass some time, watch them to make sure they’re playing nicely with the other kids. If an older child shoves a younger one, it’s very easy for that younger child to hurt themselves.

You might also go to the trampoline park and restrict your child to particular areas. If you stay away from the trampolines, there are usually ball pits and other safer spots for younger children.


Nearly every child loves the zoo. It’s one thing to see a zebra or a lion in a picture book, but it’s quite another to see the animal right there in front of you, even if it’s all it’s doing is taking a nap.

You may have some lovely zoos close to you, and you can take your child in a stroller if they’re the right age for it. If they are a little bit too old for that, they can walk on their own, but stick by them at all times.

Zoos are sometimes places where child abductors lurk. They often prey on school groups, but they may not hesitate to snatch a young child if they don’t see a parent or babysitter close by. It’s scary to think about that, but such things do happen sometimes.

You also want to make sure your child does not try to get over a moat and into an animal enclosure. If they fall into a lion or gorilla exhibit, the results could be disastrous.

Public Parks

Moms often use public parks as standbys if they want their children to wear themselves out by running around. The swing set, monkey bars, and all the other classic playground equipment beckon every child who passes by.

You can also take that time to get to know some of the other local moms and dads. You might set up a playdate between their child and yours, or maybe you’ll find you have other interests in common.

Like zoos and other public places, though, you need to watch out for adults who might want to snatch a child. Also, some playgrounds are not in very good repair. You don’t want a child playing in a playground where there is broken-down equipment or where there are rusty nails, broken glass, or used syringes.

Basketball Courts

In that same public park, you might find a basketball court. If you have a ball and you’ve got a young Lebron James on your hands, you might want to check out the courts and play a friendly game of one-on-one.

You sometimes find drug dealers or gang members lurking around basketball courts or public parks, though, especially if you’re in a bad part of town. If you know that the basketball courts or the park in general have a poor reputation, that’s probably ample reason to keep your child away.

Waterparks and Public Pools

You might also decide to take your child to a waterpark if there is one nearby. Whether there’s a small local one that the community likes or a huge one that people come to visit from miles around, you need to watch your child while you’re there, so they do not wander off.

You’ll have to decide what age is appropriate to let your child go off on their own. If they’re still pretty young, you will probably want to stick right next to them in the wave pool or the lazy river. Most waterparks have those, and they’re just right for younger kids.

You might decide you want your child to wear a life jacket while they are there. If they are still young and they are not strong swimmers, that’s never a bad idea. Of course, once they are old enough, you can also get them swimming lessons.

If there is not a waterpark nearby, a public pool might be a suitable option. You can often use these pools most summer days, and when the heat climbs higher, that’s a place where both moms and their kids can cool off.

You need to stay near your child, though, if they can’t swim very well yet. Drowning is always possible, and it can happen very quickly when you’re not paying attention.

As your child gets to be a little bit older and surer of themselves, you can let them go off on their own. You must use your judgment to determine when the right moment is to give them more independence. You don’t want to be clingy, but you also want to be close by to help your child if anything happens to them while they’re still young.

It’s often helpful to set up group outings with multiple adults. That way, there’s more than one set of eyes on the kids.

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