5 Natural Remedies for Hot Spots on Dogs


When your dog or puppy begins scratching like crazy, it may be time to look for signs of hot spots on its skin. These spots can come out of nowhere and cause significant distress to your dog.

Thankfully, there are several natural remedies for hot spots on dogs that you can use before consulting a vet. Some solutions can offer immediate relief, while others have to be used for a while before results begin to show. 

Causes of Hot Spots

Hot spots generally occur due to constant licking and scratching on the same spots by your dog. 

Constant scratching can irritate your pet’s skin and cause lesions as well as open wounds. If hot spots persist despite natural remedies, consult a vet before they turn into infections. 

Cleaning the Hot Spot

If you’ve managed to diagnose your pet’s hot spots early on, immediate action through natural remedies can help resolve the problem at once. Remember, before using any products, you must trim and clean the affected area.

For this purpose, you can use gentle soaps that are unscented and have no harsh chemicals. Follow this by using a disinfecting solution. You can use iodine combined with water (to resemble the color of iced tea) as a disinfecting agent. 

Use a Tea Bag

After drying the affected area thoroughly, you can use a teabag on the area to dry out the sore. To prepare the teabag, begin by steeping a black tea bag (not any other kind) in hot water. 

After it has cooled, place it against your dog’s hot spot gently. This can be repeated several times during the day. Since the tea bag has antibacterial properties, it will prevent the hot spot from spreading while it’s drying out. 

Calming Oatmeal Baths

Begin by grinding plain and unprocessed oatmeal to a fine powder consistency. The powder can be easily dissolved in water, which is why grinding is necessary. Fill a tub with warm water and mix the powdered oatmeal until it has been fully dissolved.

Guide your dog to the bath and let them stay in the oatmeal bath for at least 15 minutes. It will soothe their skin and provide a calming effect overall. Rinse your dog thoroughly with clean water after the bath to ensure all the oatmeal has been removed. 

CBD Balm

CBD balms are topical agents that can be directly applied to the affected area. They are entirely natural and don’t have any adverse effects on your dog. To begin, use the balm on the affected area to encourage healthy and hydrated skin. 

The balm also has pain-relieving properties, so your dog won’t be annoyed by constant itching throughout the day. Keep applying until the sore fully heals. 

Covering the Hot Spot

Additionally, you could also cover the hot spot to prevent your dog from reaching it. Using a bandage or gauze is the most efficient way to do it. You can also use a cone to prevent them from reaching for it.

Use Natural Remedies for Hot Spots on Dogs 

When you’re looking to help your dog recover from hot spots quickly without the risk of infection, use natural remedies for hot spots on dogs as they guarantee effective treatment without the side effects of over-the-counter medication. 

If the hot spot persists, it’s ideal to consult a vet who can prescribe proper medication and topical agents to ensure the hot spot doesn’t become an infection. 

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