How Adding A Eden Pillow In Cement Can Wake Up A Minimal Decor


When deciding on colours to showcase your home and its unique style, it’s exciting and somewhat ambitious to make the best decisions. 

One of the best colour palettes is a little fun to explore unique patterns in stimulating neutral or bright colours to play off your minimal decor. 

Minimalism doesn’t have to be a trendy design choice, but the palette needs to open the possibilities to explore complementary colours. 

                  Colours That Play Nicely Together

Let’s discuss colour tones that work best with a Scandinavian style interior or a simple, minimal home interior. 

When picking complementary tones for a home interior, a light bulb must go off and realise simplicity is a great choice for combining colour schemes and drawing interest. 

Utilising different hues in home design is a technique that can add more light or more space to an environment. 

But here is a quick rundown of different types of minimalist interiors with minimal colour combos.

  • Traditional-chic minimalist interiors have a great colour palette of white, grey, and natural hues such as clay or beige. However, this interior focuses on calm accent colours and details of different varieties of metals and varieties of wood texture off enriched  dark dimension to an all-white canvas.
  • Scandinavian / Nordic minimalist home designs play nicely with diverse shades of grey such as smoke, graphite, and eggshell and off-white, including details of harmonious colours of black, deep blues, and muted mustards. 
  • Minimal Bohemian Chic decor is the most popular choice, playing with neutral patterns and shapes with a few pops of earth tones sprinkled within a relaxed and tranquil canvas. 
  • Rustic Chic is a spin on another minimal colour palette with different types of wood accents, this interior of  greys, browns, muted earth tones,  reds, greens, navy, and anything that gives off a rustic vibe.


                           Product Spotlight

Discussing interior design and the perfect color influence for simple decor, some fabulous emphasis pieces to mention. 

While searching, Eden pillow in cement that checks all the boxes when it comes to adding functionality and a pop of design or hue.

In terms of colour, shape, pattern, and the accent grey and beige performs nicely with whites, blues, and any earth or jewel tone. 

What makes this accent piece so unique is the cement hue and the selection of fabric. 

This pillow will fit in any minimal interior examples but best suits of a rustic interior and Bohemian design. 

Even if the white or neutral interior isn’t your cup of tea, try to pair this fantastic find with colours that compliment it. 

For example, rose, deep yellows, and bright greens; these colour choices add a little depth and adventure. 

The most appealing aspect of this Eden pillow is the versatility and how this pattern easily paired with other designs. 

The top picks are stripes or just another monochromic decorative paired to have a little excitement. 

                                Final Thought

Exploring different types of interior is an exciting endeavour and can challenge the whole perception of design and color tastes. 

Each personal style of interior design is individual; there is no right or wrong way to style a personal space. 

This minimal selection and the decision to make over a space into a sanctuary that is packed with enjoyment and pride.  

Don’t be afraid to check out and look through all the great furniture and home decor from electric, minimal, to the farmhouse; there is something for everyone. 

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