5 Must-Have Travel Items For Every On-the-Go Mom


The idea of a family vacation sounds fun and exciting in theory. But mom knows best that in reality, it requires a ton of planning.

As a mother, your packing list will keep you busy before the trip. In the midst of all the chaos, do not forget your must-have travel items to keep your organization and sanity intact.

5 Must-Have Travel Items for Moms

Making a checklist will help you not forget important items for your trip. Triple check that you do not forget the following mommy must-haves for your family travel.

1. A Sturdy Tote Bag

A cotton tote bag will change your entire travel experience. Though you can find them made of all materials, cotton washes easily and does not add additional weight. Totes allow you easy access to important items and free your hands for other essential mom duties.

Get one with a comfortable shoulder strap and lots of room! Wider straps distribute the weight a little better so that the weight of your travel supplies does not dig into your shoulder.

Bags with compartments will help you separate snacks from coloring books, headphones, and other items you choose to keep readily available for the trip. These make the perfect carry on bags for your flight!

If you want to get a little extra, choose a tote bag that matches your coat and shoes. This little detail will make you look super put together, even if it feels like you might fall apart at the hinges.

2. A Baby Carrier

Traveling with children under two can get tricky. It makes you wonder how we function with only two hands. Plus, everything takes longer, and flights wait for nobody.

Fortunately, a baby carrier helps you in multiple ways. First, it frees up your hands.

Second, it gives you one less thing to store away. Third, it makes navigating busy airports much easier, especially when you need to run from one gate to the next on a micro layover.

Lastly, and most importantly, it keeps your little one attached to you. When you leave a baby in a stroller and need to search for tickets, a license, or other items you may need, your attention can easily drift away. Not something you want to happen in a crowded place.

3. A Blanket

Keep a blanket in your tote bag with other travel supplies. Flights can get chilly and long car rides usually call for something comfy.

Plus, you can use the blanket for other purposes. If you nurse the little one, a blanket makes a convenient cover. And if you must set the baby down to stretch during a delay, then you can lay it on the floor to protect them.

4. Gum

Do not overlook the importance of this simple sanity savor. For children old enough to chew it, you can use it to keep them satisfied on layovers and to help their ears during takeoff and landing. If your little one is still too young for gum, substitute it with safety pops.

5. A Portable Power Bank

Long trips require several means of entertainment. When toys, books, and coloring supplies fail, the Ipads and laptops will save your sanity.

You do not want these devices to die during a meltdown. Put a portable power bank that charges devices when no other power source is available on your weekend packing list.

Enjoy Your Family Vacation

Vacations require a ton of planning, but that should not kill your excitement. Bringing along these five must-have travel items will make your trip easier so that you can focus on family fun.

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