5 Healthy Tips for Your Hair Extensions


Hair extensions have helped thousands of women go from dull, flat hair to long, luxurious locks in a matter of hours. The best part is that they can be treated just like your own hair. If you don’t take regular care of your natural hair, you might have no idea how to care for your extensions. Here are five tips on how to keep your hair healthy and looking gorgeous.

  • Go for quality.

With hair extensions, you get what you pay for. You definitely don’t want to cheap out on something that is going to be a part of your look for a long time. A mediocre product will yield mediocre results.

Always go for real hair extensions. If you want the best of the best, Indian hair is said to fit that bill. Not only does it blend nicely with just about any hair texture, but it is also easily styled and curled without being damaged.

  • Choose the right stylist.

It is essential that you find a stylist with experience. Poor installation could not only have your extensions falling out, but your natural hair could be damaged too. Pick an expert with glowing reviews. Schedule a consultation so she can assess your hair and go over your options for hair extensions.

  • Avoid tight braids.

Hair extensions are normally sewn in on braids. It’s important that those braids aren’t too tight. If they are super tight, they can be painful and cause chronic headaches. In the most severe of instances, they can lead to scalp bleeding and hair loss.

It is imperative that your stylist really knows what she is doing. Be sure to communicate with her if you experience any discomfort with the braids

  • Moisturizing isn’t just for your skin

You probably already shampoo and condition your hair. But you need to ensure your hair care routine includes a moisturizer. Most conditioners have moisturizers in them, but you want a deep conditioner for your extensions, specifically for the braids in which they are sewn.

Get a thin conditioner that will be able to seep down to your scalp, and make sure all your hair is covered. This includes the hair under the weaves. These parts are often neglected because they aren’t easily accessible. If you don’t want an itchy, flaky scalp, be sure to take the time to moisturize.

  • Nourish your hair.

Believe or not, the health of your body affects the health of your hair. Make sure that you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. If you’re a fast-food aficionado, you may want to rethink that. The greasy fats in those foods are horrible for your hair. It can leave your tresses looking lifeless and gross.

Pamper yourself with a lifestyle change. If you feel great, you’ll look great. There are vitamins and supplements you can use that are specifically designed for hair care.

As with any beauty treatment, read online reviews like mayvenn virgin hair review to gather all the necessary information to help you choose the right hair extensions.


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