Replacing Lenses in Old Ray-Ban Frames


Ray-Ban is one of the more iconic names when it comes to glasses and frames. From the Wayfarers, Aviators, to modern eyeglasses, they have created some must-have models. It’s no wonder then that many people look for old frames, and find ways to repurpose them for daily use. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions to replace lenses in old frames to upcycle a vintage look.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Old Frame

Antiquing is not just reserved for old furniture and books, there is a great market for old designer clothes and glasses, and when you have the option to replace lenses in old frames to fit your current prescription, it makes for a great purchase. Some things to consider when looking for the perfect old frame include:

  • Frame Condition: Old should never mean bad shape. Make sure you inspect the frame thoroughly. Small cracks or damage can greatly affect your ability to use them in the future with new lenses.
  • Odd Shaped Lenses: While everyone wants to have the unique looking lens, consider the difficulty that could arise with those hexagonal frames you find. They may look cool, but they can also be hard to get lenses for.
  • Branding: Like anything in the fashion world, name brands can be considerably more valuable than run-of-the-mill frames. Look out for those hidden gems. You could get your hands on classic Ray-Bans for a fraction of the price.

Searching and finding frames is just part of the fun. Once you get the perfect pair, you can replace lenses in old frames to provide you with a multitude of options. From getting a pair of reading glasses to unique sunglasses, a lens replacement gives you the flexibility to create a unique look.

How Does Lens Replacement Work?

Lens replacement, and more specifically Ray-Ban lenses replacement, stem from the use of custom work. Just provide your prescription and specifications when you send your frames. Before you know it, your frame will be fitted with the corresponding lens.

Because lenses can be cut to fit any frame, there is a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to the glasses you use. In the case of Ray-Ban, where lens sizes range from aviators to the club master, the added flexibility creates an awesome opportunity to up your style.

Choosing Your Lens Replacement Experts

After you’ve found your new frames, the next step is to find your lens replacement experts. Keep in mind that the company you choose should take as much information from you regarding your prescription as possible. By providing a good sample of information, you can get lenses that are created perfectly to fit your prescription and eye needs. Also be sure to research the materials and processes being used to replace your lenses. The last thing you want to do is damage the new vintage frames you took so long to find.

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4 years ago

Thank you for sharing some good tips for Old Frames searching guide and the idea of replacing Lenses in it. I think that is a great frugal and cheap way to see the world in your vision.

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It is nice that I can read these messages.