5 Great Uses For Your Spare Room


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So, you’ve got a spare room you want to utilize but are unsure how to use it best? Making your home work for you, whether renovating an unused basement, creating a functional office space, or adding a building to your garden for versatile use, extra space in your home can be an absolute blessing. It’s a great way to personalize your home and get the most out of it, allowing you to tailor it to your unique needs and preferences. The potential for personalization is in your hands, empowering you to make the space truly your own and in control of your space.

But what exactly should you do with it? Maybe you’re unsure how best to utilize the space, or the family is at loggerheads over who turns their idea into reality. What matters is thinking carefully about your lifestyle and what would give you the most enjoyment and use. 

Understanding your unique needs and preferences is key to making the right changes. Imagine the excitement and joy that your new space could bring, inspiring you to create a space that truly reflects your lifestyle and preferences!

If you need some inspiration, these spare room ideas can help you start your home transformation.

A Home Spa

A home spa can be as elaborate or simple as you wish. If you visit one, get some inspiration from your favorite spa and recreate that feeling at home. You might want an oversized tub or shower to help you freshen up and relax; your home spa might feature a range of products that can be used to help you pamper your body and skin; you might prefer to include a sauna in your spa room, a cold plunge tub for those revitalizing morning dips, a massage chair or bed if you prefer to have a masseuse come to your home, a foot spa, nail salon, anything and everything you can utilize to help you unwind and get some TLC, it can go in your home spa.

Cinema Room

Whether you have a huge space to replicate the full movie screen experience or you need to be creative and downsize your ideas to fit into a small space, if you love watching movies or binge-watching the latest box set, then adapting your spare room and designing a cinema room can give you plenty of enjoyment. From specially built sound systems to get the best acoustics, the ideal lighting setup, and screen size, there’s a lot to consider when creating your new movie room.

Art Studio

If you enjoy getting creative, designing your very own art studio can help you get creative and create a space that facilitates your artistic endeavors. Whether you enjoy painting, pottery, photography, sculpture, or making any other art, you need a space to create sculptures or make any other art. Identifying what your ideal art studio looks like and bringing it to life can give you maximum enjoyment from your home.


Depending on your space and budget, a playroom can be as extravagant or functional as needed. Whether you opt for a room focused on toy storage and being able to set up all of your kid’s toys to play with as and when they want to, or you create a jungle gym to avoid having to seek out new soft play areas frequently, it’s entirely up to you based on your children’s; both young and olds, needs and wants. A playroom is a great option if you have the space and want a dedicated area for your kids to enjoy their toys and have as much fun as possible in a safe location.


If health and wellness are a huge part of your life, creating the perfect workout area could be the best use of a spare room in your home. You can design the ideal strength training area complete with a squat rack, bench, weight racks, and more to help you build strength; you can create a dance studio that allows you to learn and practice your favorite dance routines for that added cardio boost, you can fill it with the latest in workout machinery such as treadmill, ellipticals, rowers or weight machines or you can simply design the perfect yoga or pilates studio to help you boost flexibility and movement to get the best workout.

Being able to utilize your space room to create a space that works for you and your lifestyle cannot only improve the value of your home but also increase enjoyment and functionality to give you the home you need that works for you.

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