5 Exotic Couples Cruise Vacations to Keep the Fire Burning


Millennial relationships last about 4 years on average, at least in Britain. We can probably all agree that a good relationship should last forever.

However, even the best relationships have their rough spots and pitfalls. One of the biggest is falling into a slump.

No matter how great your relationship is, things can get stale if you don’t add in some variety every now and then. You can try any number of solutions for this. You can even take a cruise.

We’ll tell you about some of the most unique and exciting couples’ cruise lines in the paragraphs below.

 1. Windstar

Windstar is a great cruise line for couples. It features most of the standard fare you’d find on a cruise, including great food and a few shows, as well as some gems specifically for couples.

For instance, each suite comes with two bathrooms, which is a great idea when any two people are sharing a space, let alone couples.

You can’t really talk about a cruise line without talking about where you’re going. After all, a good destination can make a cruise, while a bad, or poorly-executed, cruise destination can ruin it.

Thankfully, Windstar offers a few destinations, and there’s never a dull moment on any of them. You can choose to go to the Baltic, the Mediterranean or even the Caribbean if you prefer something closer to home.

2. Crystal Cruises

This amazing cruise line has a lot going for it. One of the first things guests may notice is the incredible accommodations.

The rooms on a Crystal cruise are far larger than average, with luxurious beds and many technological comforts.  For instance, the average cabin has a TV that comes equipped with a bunch of movies for you to watch.

There are also Ipads and an advanced shower system.

There’s also romantic restaurants with 4-course meals, a lounge with live music, and plenty of water activities.

Keep in mind that this cruise line focuses a lot on the ports, so it may not be for you if you’re the type who likes to relax at sea.

3. Celebrity Cruises

One of the best choices of your life may be to enjoy one of our all inclusive cruise adventures.

Some of the features of a Celebrity couples’ cruise include rooms with balconies, as well as some optional benefits, like pianos, whirlpool tubs, and different areas for eating and sleeping.

Outside of the cabins, there are martini and wine bars, great restaurants, a pool deck, and so much more.

Plus, all the ships go to great destinations. Some even go to the Galapagos, home to some of the most unique wildlife in the world.

The Best Lines for a Couples’ Cruise

The couples’ cruise business is a big one, so there’s no shortage of cruise line looking to provide an incredible experience. We’ve listed only a few of your options above, but we encourage you to do more research if you still have trouble deciding.

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