5 Essential Factors when Finding the Best Moving Company


There are many reasons why you and the family may want to move:

· New careers & opportunities

· Better schools & higher education

· A change of pace & community

· Being closer to relatives & activities

11.2% of people in the United States moved in 2016. That’s a lot of shifting around but when there are greener pastures, what’s not to love about finding a new place to call home for you and the family?

There is one problem though…

Moving can be an absolute hassle. The type of activity that places everyone at each other’s throats when trying to heave and haul items, the ol’ DIY route.

I can’t stress this enough: get yourself a moving company.

While you can get in depth information about moving services on this website , here are just a few reasons these companies are well worth their value — they:

· Do the heavy lifting

· Have the insurance to cover damaged items in transit

· Can navigate the road during the long haul

· Free up time to focus on the important (and often overlooked) things

· Prevent potential injury

Every professional moving company strives to provide these values. So the question becomes… how do you determine which of them are worth my time and money? Good question.

Let me follow that by sharing five parameters real quick:

1. Reputation & Experience

Not to knock any up-and-coming movers but when there’s a family to be moved – experience and a good reputation go a long way. It’s why professionals like Allied Van Lines consistently receive praise.

When you have 85 years of experience… you know what you’re doing.

I’d say first-and-foremost to check the ‘about us’ section on the moving company website to get an idea of how long they’ve been in business, what unique values they offer, and if you can find reviews and testimonials from clients.

2. Rates

Money, money, money. That’s all some people think about when it comes to services. Well, you get what you pay for (as they say). Do you want your valuable items on the line by using the “guy with the truck” or go with a company that’s fair in pricing but has shown quality work?

Believe me: Don’t skimp.

You’ll receive a quote and can often negotiate on price. You’ll reach a middle ground that’s fair for both parties while keeping a peace of mind.

3. Delivery time/windows

This is a biggie.

· What good is a company if they show up a day late?

· What if they’re delayed in transit and now the family is waiting at an empty house?

This has happened to me (they missed the window by 12 hours resulting in one terrible, nasty move) and it’s not something you want to go through.

Question the company on how accurate they are with delivery times and windows. Have them give specific examples from past jobs. Can’t? Then they don’t need your business.

4. Safety

Heavy items can cause heavy injuries.

· Are the doorways cleared?

· Is the proper equipment being used?

· How are the items packaged and strapped down?

Take the time to understand good practices in moving so you’re armed with the right questions to guarantee the safety of your family and all those valuable items.

5. Professionalism

Movers are professionals so they should act according. You’ve already gone through much of the trouble boxing and organizing everything to avoid disrupting family life. There’s no reason these paid individuals should come through, give attitude, and treat your items (and family) with disrespect.

You can get a feel on them in a few ways:

· Reviews (on their site and third-party ones)

· Tone when you’re receiving a quote

· Contacting previous clients and hearing their story verbatim

You’re paying for a service. Plain and simple.

Over to you: Want to add any tips, experiences, or suggestions to make a move go smoothly and for picking the right company?

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