Ways to Upgrade Your Windows and Doors Mississauga


Windows and doors Mississauga contribute significantly towards saving energy consumption in your home. That is why these essential home elements should be treated specially and replaced whenever the need arises. The benefits will always be more than what a homeowner spends upgrading them.

In this write-up, Total Home Windows and Doors will discuss some of the ways homeowners can opt for in order to upgrade their windows and doors Mississauga and achieve ultimate energy savings. The energy efficiency of your windows can be boosted in a number of ways which include;

  • Replacing Windows, Glazing and sashes

Windows and doors Mississauga that are energy efficient increase the comfort of your home since they increase the temperature of the inner parts of the window hence reducing drafts. This reduces condensation. 

Some of the features of energy-efficient windows include; space bars of low conductivity, inert gases in the sealed unit, sashes that are insulated, glazing that is either double, triple or quadruple, glass with low –emissivity amongst others. Replacing the entire unit is the most suitable option in cases where check-up reveals problems with windows, glazing and sash. It is always recommendable to have full-frame window replacement.

  • Stocktaking

Keep on checking all windows Mississauga if they have any damage signs like staining around the window, rot or even mould. Recheck the glass condition, paint and putty. Depending with the damage level, some windows require replacement, others upgrading while the rest may need minor air sealing. 

Inspect if there is any air leakage within the frame and all other movable joints. The combination of inspecting visually and a leak detector to test is helpful. It is important to keep inspecting your windows and doors Mississauga so that you can deal with any problem before escalating and becoming more expensive to correct.

  • Condensation challenges

Condensation and frosting of the interior surface are common issues in most doors and windows in the Mississauga area. The problem may be in the form of light fogs covering some windows Mississauga while others are glass covering by heavy frost and persistent frost. Most homeowners acquire new windows making the challenge worst since the old windows were leaky and could be vulnerable to humidity. These windows and doors Mississauga increase humidity in the house since they tightly seal it. Adding an extra layer of glazing is an alternative way of increasing the windows surface temperature. However, getting new energy-efficient windows is the most suitable solution to deal with the problem effectively.

  • Interior Caulking

This involves reducing air leakage of windows Mississauga through the application of bead caulk continuously around the window, as you trim all places where it meets the walls. Always ensure that caulk is for indoor use only (avoid exterior calking indoors).

Where the window is specifically leaking, and it is easy to do away with the trim and reinstall it, you should remove the trim then add insulation followed by sealing of the gap before trim reapplication. For larger gaps, a backer rod that has caulking or foam of low-expansion is required. Applying a layer of red technical tape covers joints between the frame of the window and wall, this reduces air leakage too.

  • Exterior caulking

This is the last and also the weakest way of preventing rain from entering a wall through the outer side. The best defensive ways to prevent window and wall leakages are proper drainage plane that is well detailed and a well-applied flashing whereby the upper window flashing is underneath the air barrier while the bottom and side flashings are found on top of the air barrier.

Exterior caulking should only be done after completion of the interior caulking. Doing exterior caulking first is dangerous since it traps moist warm air into the wall, and this can eventually damage it and be counterproductive of what you intend to achieve in boosting the energy efficiency of your home.

If you adhere to these ideas, there is no doubt your home will be energy efficient and enjoy reduced energy costs.

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