5 Effective Product Photography Tips


Original content keeps audiences engaged and coming back to your website.

But what types of content are effective? Well, visuals rank extremely high in engagement metrics. Yet a lot of businesses don’t publish enough visual content.

So what’s the solution? Photography, of course!

Product photography is one of the most effective tools of any marketing strategy. Read on for some must-know product photography tips to up your professional game.

1. Choosing the Right Equipment

Depending on what type of product you’re shooting and your budget, you’ll need to determine the best camera, lenses, lighting, and other accessories to get the job done right. Starting off with a DSLR will give you a wide variety of features, manual control over exposure settings, and interchangeable lenses to give you more flexibility.

Other important equipment includes a tripod, appropriate backgrounds, and small props that help show the product’s size and use. By choosing the right equipment, you can produce photographs that will show off your products on any social media platform and help attract potential buyers.

2. Utilizing the Right Lighting

Natural lighting is often the best choice when it comes to product photography because it will bring out the best colors and details of the product. When shooting in natural light, make sure to avoid harsh, direct light to avoid washed-out, unappealing shots.

Artificial lighting can also be used, but the key is to have consistently bright light all across the product. Softboxes are great tools to use when it comes to artificial lighting because they will provide an even covering of light, making photography more efficient and beautiful.

3. Shoot from Unique Angles

The angle should highlight the item’s quality and features without overcrowding when showcased. Product shots are also more impactful when they are taken from a lower angle to give the impression that customers are looking up at the item in admiration rather than down at it.

Playing around with high, close-up shots and wider, more distant shots can give more dimension to eCommerce products and make them more attractive to consumers. All product photos should be carefully composed, considering how the props and elements of the photo come together and contribute to the style of the space.

4. Use Interesting Background

Using an interesting background can highlight the product and help create a professional-looking image. For example, using a plain, white background can make products look plain and boring, compared to using a more interesting background, like a brightly colored pattern or a rustic background.

5. Retouch Your Pictures

This can help make sure that your products look as professional, and attractive as possible. Brightness, contrast, and color levels should be adjusted to their ideal values for the product to stand out and look as crisp as possible. You can also use Photoshop keyboard shortcuts for faster and more efficient editing.

You should also crop any unnecessary objects or messy backgrounds to create a more appealing and organized look. Once retouching is complete, you can add additional effects or filters, such as lens flares, lens vignetting, or blurring. By applying these various techniques and having the image professionally retouched, you can create product photographs that look clean, clear, polished and attractive.

Product Photography Tips for Better Exposure

Product photography has become an incredibly important part of any online endeavor. Following these simple product photography tips can help you create amazing product images, leading to increased sales and visibility. Master the art of product photography and watch your business grow! Try it out now and start getting noticed!

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