5 Bangs Ideas to Compliment Big Forehead


If you are struggling with finding your perfect hairstyle, the first thing you should do is to identify what face shape you have. Your favorite celebrity’s haircut might not work with your facial features. That’s why you should always try to adjust your hairstyle so it will flatter your appearance, and only then grab your hair scissors.

One of the most challenging decisions about hairstyle is the bangs. How to know whether you really need one? For ladies with small foreheads, hair bangs can be an experiment, while they can be a necessity for those with big ones. Hair bangs can significantly minimize the appearance of your forehead. Read on to learn what kinds of hair bangs suit your face! 

Choppy Bangs for Round or Heart-Shaped Forehead

A haircut with choppy bangs is a great choice for girls with big foreheads. This hairstyle is easy to style and will cover your forehead and add volume to your hair. It also gives you a very versatile look – you can wear the choppy bangs in different ways to suit any occasion.

If you want to add volume to your choppy bangs, you should try teasing them in the root area. It will give some volume to your strands, and your face will get some lift as well. The critical factor for this haircut is to choose the appropriate length of the bangs. They should end right above your brows.

If you have a heart-shaped face, you should also consider going with a choppy bangs hairstyle because it helps create balance with your facial features. It will give some lift to your face and soften the angles. With this cut, you can try different variations such as textured bangs and asymmetrical cuts. The key factor for this haircut is to choose the right bangs length – they should end at an angle so they will not cover up your cheeks completely.

Long Bangs for Square or Long Forehead

Medium-long hair bangs are ideal for ladies with a square face shape. This cut is very versatile – you can wear it in both a casual and formal style. If you have a square face and a big forehead, you can go with a long bang, which will make your face look softer and more feminine.

However, it is better to avoid wearing long hair bangs that are too blunt. Instead, it would help if you styled it in a way that will soften the edges and create a movement around your face.

If you have a long forehead, you should opt for a side bang to balance its length. But make sure that your bangs are not too long or blunt because they might make your face look even longer. The long side part will also help you balance out the proportion of your face and is ideal for ladies with a long forehead. Besides, you can style long bangs straight or curly.

Textured Bangs for Rectangle Forehead or Angular Face

If you have a rectangular face shape, you should consider going with textured bangs. This cut will help you frame your face and give it some elegance. You can also wear your bangs in an asymmetrical manner if you want to diversify your look. The critical factor when wearing textured bangs is to keep your ends soft and not sharp or pointed. It should help you soften facial features (here’s a research article on how they may influence the way other people perceive you!) and make them less severe. It will also help frame the rest of your hair and create a nice texture around your face.

If you have an angular face shape, you should also consider going with textured bangs. This haircut is easy to style and will help soften the edges of your face. The key factor with this cut is to choose the right bangs length – they need to be blunt or slightly layered, so they will not lay flat on the upper part of your forehead. With textured bangs, you can create more texture around your face and soften up the angles of your face features. 

Blunt Bangs for Rectangle Forehead

If you have a rectangular face, you might want to consider going with blunt bangs – this cut works well on women who have long foreheads, but you should make sure that they are not too thick or thin. To complement your haircut, you can wear your hair in a way that will frame your face, such as the center or side part. With this cut, you can choose whether you want to wear bangs straight or curled.

Side Bangs for Triangle Forehead

A side bang is ideal for ladies with triangle-shaped faces because it creates balance around their face shape. This cut is also very versatile; it can be worn in short and long hairstyles and can also be styled in different ways to suit your needs. 

It will help balance out the angles of your face and make it look more feminine and elegant. You can also consider going with a textured bang or a choppy one if you want something more casual. One of the best things about these hair bangs is that it does not require any effort to style them, making them excellent options for daily use.


Your hairstyle greatly impacts your overall appearance. If you’re looking for one that will compliment your big forehead, getting yourself hair bangs is one of the most beneficial solutions. However, it’s not a secret that different types of hair bands work for different face shapes, so make sure you take your face features (other than the size of your forehead) into consideration as well.

Hopefully, the hair bangs ideas mentioned above will help you choose your perfect hairstyle and enjoy yourself even more!

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