How to Avoid “Mom Hair” When You Are a Mom


Apparently, “mom hair” is a thing that exists. At least, that’s what The New York Times says. There is no exact definition of this type of hair, but all things point out that it’s frumpy and it frustrates new mothers very much. It often gets so much that they go to a salon full of desperation to cut it all off. Babies tugging on your locks and post-partum hair loss don’t help the situation either.

However, as professional stylists at the same The New York Times recommend, mothers shouldn’t make drastic changes out of frustration. If you do find yourself struggling with your hair after giving birth, there are ways to manage it. You just need to use the right approach.

Get the Best Haircut for Moms

While there is no such thing as the ultimate haircut for everyone, there are some guidelines moms can find useful. Being a new mother means having little time to manage your hair, so a low-maintenance haircut is a must. And yet, you want to look attractive, so your hairstyle should reflect that.

The solution here is some variation of a shaggy cut. First of all, there is a fantastic shag cut for everyone, regardless of your hair type and face shape. Also, this hairstyle requires little to no styling. It also makes hair generally more manageable, minimizing styling time.

The length of the hair is what you really need to consider. Cutting it all off shouldn’t be your first choice if it’s not your usual style. Post-partum depression might be pushing your desire for a dramatic change. However, if you let these dark emotions push you, you might regret the decision later on. This will only make the depression worse.

Long hair allows you a lot of styling flexibility, but it’s not so easy to manage. In fact, it’s very easy to end up looking frumpy just because you don’t have the time and strength to care for long tresses.

Therefore, the best choice is somewhere in the middle. A mid-length shaggy cut will look stylish even with minimal care. You can also easily pull your hair up when needed. And if you want to enjoy long tresses for a party or just to make a change, 20 invisi tape extensions can do the job. Tape extensions are easy to use and don’t require you spending over five hours in a salon. You can wear them for a few weeks or remove them when you get tired of the look. This can also serve to give you some change without really cutting off something you’ll regret.

Learn Some Quick Hair Styling Techniques

With your hair long enough to enjoy styling it in different ways, you can easily make yourself look fantastic. Remember, pulling up your hair into a messy ponytail isn’t your only option. In fact, there are dozens of great hairstyles you can create in that exact amount of time. You simply need to make a choice to do it and therefore ensure you look attractive even if you didn’t have a full night’s sleep in weeks.

Another way to enhance your look through hairstyle is to use accessories. It will only take a moment to put on a headband or tie your hair with a pretty scarf. However, this will make a huge difference for your overall look. Hair accessories don’t require fancy styles. In fact, they make up for the lack of those because it’s the accessory that draws all the attention. You can also create many different looks just by picking a variety of styles when shopping for hairpins, clasps, headbands, and ribbons.

Stick to a Good Haircare Routine

One of the scariest things for women is post-partum shedding that can last up to 4-6 months. It occurs because during pregnancy your natural hair shedding levels drop. However, once your hormonal balance normalizes, the body tries to “catch up” on the missed time.

Seeing your tub full of hair after washing can be terrifying. But you shouldn’t despair. It’s all part of a natural process and not a sign that you will soon turn bald.

The best thing you can do for your hair at this time is to use a good restorative shampoo and conditioner combo. Stick to it and minimize the use of styling products and heat styling to reduce damage. Try to enjoy a deep conditioning hair mask once a week. Seeing your hair shining with health will enhance the natural glow of beauty you possess.

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