Distracted Driving Safety Tips for Mom


There are many distractions on the road, and your children should not be one of them. Here are some helpful tips to help you better focus and keep your kids safe while driving.

Safety First

Make sure that you correctly assemble and install the car seat. It is essential that you face the car seat in the proper direction to ensure the utmost safety for your infant. Once the car seat is correctly assembled and installed, you need to make sure to customize the straps to fit your child. Experts state that the shoulder straps should be snug without being unreasonably tight. An excellent way to determine if the straps are placed correctly is by doing the pinch test. Once fitted to your child, can you pinch the straps? If so, they need to be tightened. 

When To Ask For Help

If you are not in a good emotional mindset or feel unwell, then it is wise to ask someone you love and trust for assistance. Do not get overwhelmed or feel that you must take your infant everywhere with you. When you seek the help of others, then you have the ability to run errands quicker, feel less anxious, and better protect yourself and your infant.

Don’t Get Distracted While Driving

If your emotions are still all over the place after giving birth, then it is a good choice to ask a friend or loved one to drive you to your destination. For instance, if your infant has a check-up and you are not feeling up to par, then it is better to ask for assistance rather than find yourself in a compromising situation. 

Learn Your Infants Schedule

It will take time to learn your newborn’s schedule. Evaluate their sleeping patterns, meal times, and calm moments for at least two weeks before opting to drive with them in the car. You will feel better knowing that they will not be in the backseat screaming due to hunger while you are trying to navigate traffic.

Choose Music Wisely

You may love loud and fast-paced music, but chances are your infant will not feel the same. Therefore, it is helpful to play calm and soothing music for your infant. They may still fuss and cry a little bit, but chances are they will be far more relaxed.

Follow The Laws Of The Road

Every state has rules and regulations regarding driving. Make sure that you follow every law to ensure you are protecting your infant while you are on the road. You can also find comfort in knowing you are setting an excellent example for them from the very start.

Giving birth is often a life-changing situation. Just remember to ask friends and family for help when necessary, and understand it is okay for your infant to cry. Understandably this can be difficult, but it is better to stay focused while driving. If you allow yourself to get distracted, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation that could have easily been avoided.

Remember to avoid talking or texting while driving, watching out for other drivers, and keeping a safe distance from other cars. If you do not feel up to driving, make sure that you reach out to someone you trust to help you get to your destination safely. 

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