How to Minimize Your Wardrobe: A Guide


There comes a time in our lives when we look into our closet and realize that we have way too many clothes! 

Whether it’s shoes, shirts, or dresses, they don’t seem to fit anywhere. If you’re the type of person that likes to do some retail therapy, then you’re going need the extra closet space. 

Expanding your wardrobe can be fun but you also need to take the time to downsize it as well.

Keep reading for our ultimate guide on how to minimize your wardrobe and learn to let go of those pieces you’ve been holding onto forever. 

Make Your Wardrobe Intentional

When you first start getting rid of clothes, it can be scary. That famous saying—”I have nothing to wear”—might start coming true. 

Instead, you need to adjust the way you think about the clothes in your closet. Make each item that you keep an intentional item. 

That way when you’re looking for an outfit to wear on Friday night, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from! Each piece of clothing in your closet will serve a purpose and will be something that you will want to wear. 

You should also think this way when you’re buying new pieces to add to your wardrobe. Stick to basic pieces of clothing that can go with pretty much anything! 

Get Rid of Clothes You Don’t Like

One of the best tips for downsizing your wardrobe is to start by getting rid of the clothes that you don’t like. You might not realize how many clothes are filing your closet that you will never even wear!

Take the time to go through every single item of clothing that you already have. Decide whether you like each piece or not. It is going to be a time-consuming process, but it is one that needs to be done. 

Marie Kondo’s rules for tidying say that if an item doesn’t spark joy, then you can get rid of it. Do that with each article of clothing in your closet and you’ll find that you get rid of a lot of things. 

Kondo also says to thank each item to give them a proper goodbye! This is a way to show gratitude and appreciation for the things that we do have. 

You Only Need One

Another idea that you should consider when you’re cleaning out your closet is that you only need one. This means that instead of owning five black coats, pick one that you love. 

Having one perfect item of each article of clothing in your closet is a great way to minimize your wardrobe. If you live by this idea, then your closet will be filled with clothes that you love. When you don’t do this, then you’ll have a lot of the same clothes that you might not even like. 

You should also do this with shoes as well. Be sure to choose only your favorite shoes and get rid of the rest! 

Create a ‘Maybe’ Closet

Getting rid of your wardrobe can take some time, so one thing you can do is create a ‘maybe’ closet. In this closet, you should put all the clothes that you’re considering giving away. Keep these clothes separate from your other clothes for about a month.

During that month, if you have the urge to wear anything in the ‘maybe’ closet, then go for it! That means that you aren’t ready to get rid of that item and you can keep it. 

After the month is over, then you can get ready to donate the rest of the clothes that you didn’t wear in the ‘maybe’ closet. Not wearing them for a month means that you won’t miss them if you were to sell them or to give them away to someone in need. 

Making a ‘maybe’ closet is a great way to help you decide if you’re ready to part ways with some of the clothes in your closet or not. 

Give Your Clothes a New Home

If you’re not convinced about why you need to minimize your wardrobe, think about all the people you could help by giving away clothes.

Not everyone can afford to go out and buy brand new clothes. If you have the luxury to donate clothes to a good home, then do it!

Donating the clothes you don’t want anymore is something easy that you can do that can benefit people in need. Plus, it’s better for the environment than throwing them away.

You can drop them off at a donation center. Some places will even come and pick them up from your house. 

Keep Your Closet Organized

Once you reduce your wardrobe, you need to try your hardest to keep it that way. The best way to do that is by keeping your closet organized. 

A smaller wardrobe means more space in your closet so you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping everything neat and tidy. 

One way to make sure that your closet stays put together is by designing the perfect closet for you. Check out this free closet design software to start building your dream closet right away. 

Having an organized closet will make it so that everything gets put in its proper place. This can also help you to not go overboard when buying new clothes because you will want your closet to look neat. 

Now You Know How to Minimize Your Wardrobe the Right Way 

Once you’ve learned how to minimize your wardrobe the right way, you have an excuse to go out and buy more clothes. Right? 

Do your best to keep your closet as organized and as minimal as you can. Having a closet with extra closet space is going to make you less stressed and give you more time!

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