5 Awesome Decor Tips to Create a Dream Bedroom for Your Kids


Decorating a child’s bedroom can be super fun because you can really let your imagination run wild and create a room like something straight out of a fairy tale. If you have a kid whose bedroom is in need of an extreme makeover, here are 5 awesome décor tips to help you create a dream bedroom for them.

Cool Colors

A kids bedroom is one of the rooms in the house where you can really go to town when it comes to the color palette you use.  Ask your child what their favorite colors are and use them if you think they look good together, and your child won’t change their mind within a couple of days.  You may even want to take your pride and joy to the DIY store to choose some pots of paint or rolls of funky wallpaper.  Don’t be afraid to paint each wall in the bedroom a different color, create a bold stripe pattern, or try some paint effects such as stenciling or sponging on the walls.  If you or somebody you know is artistically gifted, you could adorn the walls with a hand-painted mural.

Bouncy Bed

Growing children need quality sleep time and therefore require a comfortable bed.  Invest in a decent mattress for your child’s bed, such as the Ghostbed Flex hybrid mattress that will support their spine properly and last them throughout their childhood. This type of mattress has the bounciness of pocket springs and the softness of memory foam and gel pods to ensure your child has sweet dreams.

Kids’ beds are available to purchase in a number of different sizes and styles.  If you have really young children, you will probably want to buy a cot bed for them or a low single bed.  Once they are a bit older, you can treat them to a fancy bed like one in the shape of a house, a camper van, boat, or pirate ship. Mid and high sleeper beds are great space-saving solutions as you can create a den underneath the bed, add a sofa or install a desk or wardrobe. Your child will love this type of bed because some of them have chutes attached to them so that they can slide out of bed in the morning. Cabin beds are another great space-saving style of bed as they consist of a sleeping platform laid on top of storage drawers.

Super Softness

Add color and texture to the bedroom with soft furnishings.  Scatter the bed with loads of colorful, soft cushions and faux fur blankets to create a sumptuous sleeping nest for your child.  Carpets will add softness and warmth to the room as well as a way to muffle noise. However, kids can be messy and spill things, so it might be better to install flooring such as laminate or vinyl, which are easy to clean. Most kids wake up with the sun, so it is a good idea to hang blackout blinds or curtains over the windows. Look for window dressings in funky materials to match the theme of the bedroom.  A great way to give the nod to your child’s favorite animal, tv, or cartoon character is to buy them a duvet cover with this on it. Your child will love this and look forward to bedtime every night.

Loveable Lights

Gone are the days of the basic paper lampshade. Nowadays, lampshades and light fittings are available in hundreds and shapes, styles, and colors.  If your child loves animals, buy them a nightlight in the form of a bunny or a ceiling light shade that looks like a hot air balloon, carrying a basket of jungle animals.  Older children can fit a special light bulb into their ceiling light that spins and throws colored light around the room so that they can have a disco in their room when friends visit. Kids with a fascination for space will love night lights that project images of stars and planets onto their ceiling as they sleep.

Funky Furniture

A child’s bedroom should have a good amount of storage for toys, books, teddy bears, clothes, and craft equipment. Buy a couple of drawer units to store stuff in and add vinyl labels or stickers to the front, indicating the drawer contents.  Hang shelves or net bags on the walls to hold soft toys and store bulky toys in fabric storage bins or a wooden toy chest.  Create a book nook in the corner of the room by placing a couple of beanbags or a window seat beside a bookcase. Even pitch a play tent in the room that can be used as a playing or reading den.

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