4 Tricks to Keeping a Healthy Lawn Through Winter


Having a big lawn can be both a blessing a curse. It’s great when you want to have a cookout with friends and family or host a party but it can be overwhelming to maintain. You may have the perfect venue to entertain guests, but a big lawn can also mean more effort in maintaining it.

Even during the winter season, it’s also important to take certain steps to ensure that your lawn will be healthy once the season is over. Check out some tips you may follow to have a healthy lawn during and after winter.

  1. Keep it clean – even though the winter time is the time when you don’t need to do a lot of maintenance on your lawn, you want to make sure that you are still able to maintain its cleanliness. Make sure that there will be no debris left on your lawn. If you just let it be thinking it will not affect your lawn, then you very much are mistaken. Leaving debris of any kind can create disease conditions and can cause pests such as mice and the like to stay on your lawn.
  1. Use fertilizer – it might seem useless, but there are many people who say that fertilizing your lawn during winter is actually very beneficial for it. Make sure you get the right fertilizer for it so that it will be very effective. They say the best time to do the fertilizing would be during autumn or during early winter.  Do it before the frost sets in. This process helps give more nutrients to the grass. Also when the frost sets in, the nutrients will be trapped in the grass during the season. You can use a spreader to the fertilizing, and make sure that you are using just the right amount. If you put too much fertilizer.
  1. Seed the parts with the dead grass – do you want a lush lawn when the winter season is over. One advice you can follow is to seed your lawn. Many even say that it would be good to overseed your lawn. This is especially good for areas in your lawn that already have damaged grass on it. You will have a big problem if you leave dead or damaged spots when winter comes, as it would be near to impossible for anything to grow on them once the winter comes and it becomes enveloped in snow.
  1. Get the help of experts – if you want to make sure that your lawn is cared for, you can instead call for the services of experts so that they can take care of your lawn instead.  If you are not really used to taking care of your lawn during the other seasons, then even during winter you should ask someone to take care of it for you.  Check out the services offered by discoverziehler.com. You can be assured that they have invested in the best tools and equipment to take care of your lawn. Aside from that, if you are concerned about the chemicals that will be used, they make use of organic materials so that is also pet-friendly.

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