4 Tips for Giving Fashion Advice to Your Teenager


Typically, teenagers do not appreciate advice! Still, it’s often necessary to offer it, even when it comes to areas like fashion. 

Introducing your teenager to the fun parts of the world of fashion can be a journey filled with opportunities for growth, self-expression, and valuable life lessons. However, it can be tricky because as a parent or guardian, offering fashion advice to your teenager involves much more than just picking out their outfits or suggesting the latest trends. 

Here are 4 tips for doing it right. 

Open Communication

One of the first things you want to do is start a culture of open communication because it means establishing trust, and it’s how your teenager will feel comfortable discussing their fashion choices and concerns with you in the first place.

Create an environment where they feel safe sharing their thoughts and concerns by listening actively, asking open-ended questions, and avoiding judgment as much as possible.

For example, say your teenager expresses an interest in experimenting with different styles, you want to encourage them to speak and listen to their ideas, discussing how they’d like to incorporate such clothing elements into their wardrobe. 

Respect Their Style

The fact that style evolves is one of the constants of fashion. And one of the easiest ways to teach your teenager the important skill of making independent choices is by respecting their style because ultimately it encourages self-confidence and individuality. 

Rather than being judgemental or outrightly dictating their clothing options, you want to offer guidance and feedback. 

For example, say your teenager loves vintage clothing. Respecting their style means not only complimenting their outfit choices but also helping them find thrift stores or online shops where they can explore and buy unique vintage pieces like cool leather boots or period dresses. 

Set a Budget

Clothing and accessories cost money; sometimes a lot of it and teaching financial responsibility is crucial. 

Making sure to regularly set a budget is one great way to instill the value of money and responsible spending. Involve your teenager in the budgeting process and help them understand things like their financial limits and prioritizing purchases.

For example, it’s a good idea to offer a monthly basic clothing allowance and encourage your teenager to save for more expensive items they desire.

Discuss Dress Codes

There are fashion rules and teaching them is part of your job as a parent or guardian because it’s one of the ways many teenagers learn to adapt to different environments.

For example, say your teenager is going to a school dance with a semi-formal dress code. It’s a good idea to discuss the difference between semi-formal and casual wear. Then, help them choose an outfit that aligns with the event’s expectations while reflecting their style.

In all of these tips, keep in mind that the key is to strike a balance between providing guidance and allowing your teenager to express themselves.

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