4 Things You Didn’t Know About Pregnancy


Finding out that you are pregnant is a joyous time. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that a life is growing inside of you, ask any mother. But it can also be quite scary, and it’s true to say that a lot can go wrong even in the first couple of months. When you speak to parents and people who have already have their first child, there’s a lot they will tell you. They’ll tell you about how amazing it was to hold their baby in their arms for the first time. They’ll tell you about how they looked into their eyes. They’ll tell you about the process of giving birth. But they’ll miss out a lot because either they don’t want to bring it up or, they simply don’t know it themselves. On this post, we’re going to look at some of the factors of pregnancy that you may not be aware of and why they could be important.

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You’re Less Likely Than You Think To Conceive

The entertainment media often shows pregnancy as almost a given when you engage in unprotected sex. And, if you look at teen pregnancy rates you could definitely be lead to believe this is true. However, there are a few things you need to know here. First, when you are young, you are far more likely to conceive, and this is particularly true for women who are more fertile in their late teens to early twenties. As you age, the chances of getting pregnant decrease for a lot of women. While medicine and technology has reduced this decline, it’s still there. Miscarriages also become more common as you age.

As well as this, the chances of getting pregnant during ovulation are between fifteen and twenty-five percent. For some women, the chances can drop as low as ten. As well this, there are various factors that can impact the possibility including one that we have already discussed – age.

These days, more and more births are not natural but rather through the use of sperm donors, artificial insemination or egg donors. There are various services that connect donors to couples who have struggled to conceive. Women can donate eggs here and help individuals start their family. As the average age for starting a family increases services like this are becoming more common.

Small Signs Can Point To Severe Issues

A lot can go wrong in the first weeks or months of a pregnancy. This is why many people feel you shouldn’t tell family or friends you are expecting a baby until at least six weeks, after the danger period has passed. Parents are often not aware that small signs can suggest and issue with the pregnancy during this time. Spotting for instance, which is light bleeding during pregnancy, is common and usually nothing to worry about. However, in rare cases it can be the first sign of an ectopic pregnancy which must be caught early on for a positive prognosis. As such, it’s important to be watch your body for any changes and to contact a doctor if you notice anything strange. Even a minor occurrence like this could be a sign and needs to be checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

Exercise Is Good

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We used to think that exercise was dangerous for pregnant mothers. Doctors often recommended that mothers remained as inactive as possible. Now, we know that exercise is actually beneficial and according to research in can actually reduce the chances of a miscarriage. You can exercise before, and after your pregnancy however it is important that you do this is the right way. While gentle exercise is beneficial, this doesn’t mean you should be weightlifting at the gym. Ultimately, you need to make sure that you exercise in a way that you feel comfortable with and doesn’t cause strain or pain. Exercise can even help with positioning of the baby. The wrong position can make a pregnancy more dangerous. Swimming in the last 34 weeks can make sure the baby comes out head first.

Big Health Benefits

Finally, there are actually a lot of health and even beauty benefits that you can gain from a pregnancy. On average, you lose a hundred hairs a day from your head. However, when you’re pregnant, this number is greatly reduced which is why pregnant women are known for having beautiful thick locks. Your skin may also be healthier during pregnancy, and this is typically due to the massive levels of hormones that are currently flooding your body.

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