4 Reasons to Make Bone Broth a Household Staple


Bone broth has emerged as one of the hottest healthy beverages to capture the headlines, similar to wheatgrass shots and coconut water. However, if you’re under the impression bone broth is something that was pushed by a modern dieting guru, that’s far from the truth. People have been sipping it since the Stone Age. Even if you’re already feeling swamped by the duties associated with being a busy yet devoted mom and aren’t crazy about adding a new beverage to your diet, there are several reasons to at least be open to the idea.
It Could Prevent or Ease Gut Problems
Bone broth is often recommended as something that could help people with leaky gut issues. However, even if you don’t have gut problems, it may still be worthwhile to regularly consume bone broth.
Some experts say the gelatin in bone broth could help seal holes in the intestines. As a result, stomach, bowel, and digestion problems might be avoided. Gelatin is already inside parts of your body such as the knuckles and feet, but by drinking bone broth, you could steer clear of uncomfortable and embarrassing issues like chronic diarrhea and constipation.
Another one of bone broth’s benefits is that it contains glycine, which stimulates stomach acid production. It has been suggested that the acid reflux many people experience after eating happens due to a lack of stomach acid. A deficiency causes food to not get fully digested, so the stomach stays too full. When that happens, the pressure that builds up in the stomach could force acid into the esophagus and cause acid reflux.
Bone Broth Has a Rich Mineral Content
Although the exact mineral makeup of bone broth varies depending on the kind of bones you use, the substance is extremely high in minerals. Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are some of the most common minerals found in bones. Plus, if you use fish bones in your broth, they’ll contain iodine.
Overall mineral richness depends on things like how the animal was treated during its life, what its diet was like, and how the bones were cooked. However, maximizing the minerals you benefit from is as easy as going to your pantry and grabbing a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Add a few tablespoons to the bone broth before putting it on the stove and turning up the heat.
It’s Easier to Try Than You Think
Perhaps you’ve read enthusiastic blog posts from healthy eating devotees and thought to yourself you’d never have enough time or energy to concoct bone broth in your kitchen. Fortunately, companies like Au Bon Broth sell it in organic, GMO-free varieties that are conveniently packaged in easy-to-store pouches and shipped straight to your door.
Purchasing your broth in a form that’s ready to enjoy should help encourage you to discover this new type of liquid sustenance even if your life is already full of responsibilities like driving the kids to soccer practice, going grocery shopping for healthy foods, and helping your teenager study for a tough algebra exam. Also, there’s no need to deal with whole bones and painstakingly prepare them for consumption.
It Could Offer a Much-Needed Energy Boost
After feeling taxed by the inevitable stresses of life, many people compulsively drink caffeinated beverages and find although they offer short-term bursts of energy, caffeine makes it hard to sleep. Understandably then, individuals become caught in a vicious cycle.
Fans of broth made from bones swear by the energy boosts they enjoy. Some even go so far as to consider the broth an alternative to coffee. There are about 80 calories per eight ounces of the broth, and people who’ve tried it admit even a small amount of the substance keeps them going between meals and helps them avoid the sugary snacks they ordinarily depend on.
People in places like India and China are already well aware of bone broth’s benefits, as are individuals who’ve followed Paleo dietary plans. However, it’s been said this nutritious liquid really gained mainstream attention during the 2015 New York Fashion Week. To the surprise of many onlookers, famous models were seen sipping bone broth rather than their usual Starbucks beverages. If catwalk stars deemed bone broth to be beneficial during a time when all eyes are on them, it’s wise to at least give it a try in your household and see if you notice many or all of the perks described above.

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