Stephen Joseph Gifts “Let’s Eat”, eating necessities for your little ones!


stephenjosephnewlogoDo you know you can make meal time fun with a few products from Stephen Joseph Gifts? Yes, that’s right, your kids can make meal time fun and educational with some of Stephen Joseph meal time products.

You see their “Let’s Eat” line consist of many great products from Placemats, Silverware Sets, to Wipeable Bibs and much more. Today we will be featuring a few recommended products from their line. Now don’t hesitate to visit Stephen Joseph online website yourself so you can see this line and many other great products.

Now let’s get started, check out this cool Boy Alphabet placemat for your little fellow.


This colorful placemat is not only great for mealtime but your son can enjoy his meal and learn while eating. The Boy Alphabet is very colorful, can be cleaned very easily by just wiping off, not only do this mat list the Alphabets but it also share certain symbols that your kids can recognize when learning a letter. Symbols like a Wagon for the letter W and so on.

The placemats are BPA, PVC & phthalate-free and are approx. 17” x 11” which is a nice size mat for any table. Don’t worry they also have placemats for girls too, like this one called: Girl Numbers.placemat2girl

This numbers mealtime placemat is also available for boys, actually all Stephen Joseph mealtime placemats are for both genders and come in a variety of styles. Each one has the same product description also!

Next we have Stephen Joseph Butterfly Silverware Set. Now since I have a little granddaughter I’m always on the lookout for great, safe, sturdy, good quality silverware that will be perfect for her. I do believe this Stephen Joseph Butterfly set is just that, perfect and safe!

Stephen Joseph Gifts silverware sets for toddlers are made with your little ones in mind. They are easy for kids to hold, and with several colorful designs to choose from, every meal will be fun! These sets are stainless steel fork & spoon with durable BPA free handle, comes in reusable plastic travel case and are approx. 2.5” x 5.875”. S0 they are definitely the right size for your little ones fingers!

Another great “Let’s Eat” product I think would be great for your little ones is the Boy Zoo Hot and Cold Containers.hotcontainerI love how this container has a multiply use, meaning it will keep your little ones food hot or cold. Made with stainless steel their Hot/Cold Containers keeps your little student’s food ready for lunch, snack time or dinner for that matter. This containers can travel with you anywhere, camping, and grandma’s house even to a picnic. They’re colorful containers that are well insulated to keeping food warm or cold. Plus they are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free!

girlcontainersThe containers are easy to use, they have a twist close lid which has a rubber seal, they are all leak proof and hand washable too. Each one measures approx. 3.25″ x 5″ which I think is enough room to carry just the right amount of food your little one will need.

Well there you have it, just a few products from Stephen Joseph Gifts “Let’s Eat” line . You can visit their website today to see more cute eating necessities for your little ones.



Stay tune as we will be sharing many other products!



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