4 Of The Best Modern Storage Ideas


Most of us need storage to be practical, but it doesn’t need to be boring! 

Ensuring that your storage works well with your current interior can often prove to be a tricky venture. 

Not only that, but who wants to have countless storage boxes filling up your valuable space?

So what can you do to increase your storage space without compromising on design and aesthetic?

Modern storage ideas for you

Maximizing your space, keeping it easy to tidy, and managing to keep your area beautiful isn’t easy. 

However, if Marie Kondo and The Home Edit have inspired you, then you might be ready to tackle your storage in a whole new way. 

Before you dive right into a construction project, think about what you really need to store. 

Often we are attached to things that would be better served by being donated or trashed. 

Decluttering is an essential part of getting the correct storage solution for you. It allows you only to keep what is important. 

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A kitchen is typically in need of a lot of storage: large kitchen equipment, dinner services, and endless mug collections. 

Needing room on the countertops to prepare delicious meals or simply make coffee is a must. 

The kitchen equipment starts to spill over to take up space in other home areas or stacked on top of cupboards. It can feel messy. 

If you own the home, it might be time for a kitchen redesign. It is an investment that will serve you well, and if you chose to sell at a later date, the storage would add value. 

Think about how much room you need, and add storage wherever possible. 

You can use the outside of the kitchen cupboard to affix magnetic bars for spices or utensils. 

Extra slim cupboards can fit into smaller wall spaces too. 

Switching from using the containers that your food comes into purpose-built storage tubs and boxes means you can store foods and dried goods that suit your style.

Turning single shelves into two shelves using shelf rises can help increase the room you have in cupboards too. 

Basement and Attics

If you are lucky enough to have an attic or a basement, that can be a great storage space. 

Many people ‘dump’ boxes and items and leave them to stack up, though. 

Instead of using it as a dumping ground, carefully go through everything and start putting them in larger clear boxes. 

Label the large clear boxes correctly, and you will be able to find everything you need quickly. 

Using your basement or attic as storage can also serve a second purpose. 

If it becomes a case of out of sight, out of mind, and you aren’t heading in there to get items. You have probably given yourself the green light to sell or donate everything in there. 

These changes will free up even more space than can be put to good use. 

Outdoor Space

You outdoors can be more than just a place to plant some flowers or soak up the sun. If you want to create a room that is dedicated to storage, then using your outdoor space is ideal. 

Outdoor storage space is the perfect option for those who need more than just an extra cupboard. 

One of the most significant benefits of custom-made outdoor storage space is that it is explicitly designed to meet your needs. 

Outdoor spaces can also be the ideal place to have gym equipment or other larger hobby gear too. 

Under The Stairs

Many homes have a hollow space under the stairs that could be put to good use. It creates plenty of storage and is easy to access. 

Often under the stair, storage is perfect to use as a pantry, freeing up kitchen cupboard space. Alternatively, it can be used to store larger kitchen machinery. 

If under the stairs storage sounds complicated, fear not. There are many under-the-stair-shaped shelving options from some big names in home furnishings. 

With the right under the stair solution, you can increase the look of your home’s size. Removing walls, and keeping your storage neat, can be a great option. 

If you use you under the stairs as a pantry, it is good to use baskets and boxes with labels. Organize it similarly to a supermarket, and put new items to the back to use the most forward items first. 

Increasing your storage might take a few hours to arrange, but once it is done – you’ll thank yourself! 

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