Get Your Little One Summer Ready With These Essential Baby Items!


The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and the opportunity for outdoor adventures with your little one is afoot!  So, it’s time to get summer ready with essential baby items to ensure that your tot is safe and having the most fun possible. Check out our guide to the top baby summer must-haves so that you can start prepping for the perfect summer. 

Baby Bed Canopies 

A baby bed canopy is one of the essential baby items to protect your little one from the arrival of mosquitoes in the summertime.  The best part about these canopies is that they double as a fun play-tent or hiding spot for toddlers. 

Stroller Cover 

This is one of those summer items your baba simply cannot do without. Summer is for long walks in the park, garden cafes in sunny spots, and morning jogs. 

If you plan on taking your little one with you on all of your summer activities then you’ll need a cover to protect them from the sun. 

Lightweight Blanket

This makes one of the best baby gifts for newborns as tiny tots all need a blankie, even in the summertime. A lightweight muslin blanket will keep the baby cozy and comforted throughout the night without overheating her.

Muslin is the ideal material for sensitive baby skin, and it’s particularly resilient to chewing, sucking, and tugging

A Baby and Toddler Sun Hat 

Summer is for playing and exploring. It’s for long days at the beach, hot afternoons in the splash pool, and life outside. The most important sun smart baby accessories are necessary now — and this includes a sun hat for your baby or toddler.

A baby’s head is so sensitive to the sun so you need to be extra careful and provide proper sun protection for your tiny tot. 

Baby Swim Clothes

These are oh-so-cute and you’ll love shopping for these adorable summer items. Your baby might not have learned the butterfly stroke yet, but you’ll definitely want to splash around with them this summer. 

Equip your little one with a rash guard. There are so many cute styles that you’ll love picking the best one. 

Baby SPF

This may not be the most glamorous of summer accessories but it’s incredibly important. Sunscreen is an absolute must-have to keep your baby safe this summer. 

Look for SPF lotions that are suitable for sensitive baby skin. This includes fragrance-free, 100% non-nano zinc oxide products. 

Are You and the Little One Summer Ready?

Have you got all the essentials needed to be summer ready? If not, it’s time to hit the shops and stock up on the best summer accessories for your little one.  Remember to be sun smart when spending time in the sun and add a little bit of ‘cute’ to all your summer items. 

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