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It’s a known fact that, in order to meet the woman of your dreams, you have to know how to dance. Yes, yes, that’s a harsh stance to take, and one that many won’t take too kindly, but it’s one that I know to be true, and you are just going to have to deal with it. I mean, the facts supporting it are just so overwhelming to ignore! Have you watched Dirty Dancing? How about Footloose? And have you ever felt your heart torn free from your body by the sheer beauty of two souls dancing in the moonlight as doves cry from above, while sitting against the wall like a petty wallflower? I thought not; case closed.

Yes, my friend, you must learn to dance, regardless of how many left feet you have, no matter if you have “no rhythm; fortunately, where there’s a will, there’s the internet. Here are just a few incredible videos that can send the rhythm flowing through your body and set your feet a-tapping. Trust me; you will thank me later!

4. “The Animal”

This video, a testament to starting early in this life-long pursuit of love and beauty, may seem illogical at first and maybe at the end (and maybe for a few days after watching it); but, it is only then that it sets in how beautiful this moment caught in action really is. As the young chubby boy begins to worm his way across the floor, you might be profoundly struck by his supreme outgoing nature and his literal lack of self-consciousness. It’s a metaphor, you see, a metaphor for how we should all dance, and how life shouldn’t be about what other people think; it should be about what we want, and the beauty of that simple, sublime fact. Watch this video and let this mindset flow through you; it is the only way to start down the path of true dance mastery!

3. Dance throughout History

The secret to dance is understanding where you came from, and learning the moves and thoughts of all those who danced so righteously before you; no video, and no dancer, exemplifies this more than the one linked here. A perfect bookend to dance theory, this Buddha shows how dance is everlasting, and how we must continue to employ the past to improve the future. From Hammertime to Mario to the sprinkler and more, it’s a good introduction to what you need to master, and what life will be like once you complete this challenging but rewarding road.

2. How to Dance at a Rave

Now that theory and spirituality are over, it’s time you begin to practice the specifics. And, if you want to love modern-style, you have to learn to dance modern style, and few videos are as adapt at teaching this complex and wonderful skill as the one linked just before. Teaching such heart-inspiring moves as “Chernobyl Child” and “shopping cart”, this master artist is a kind of his craft, and should be perfectly accessible for even the most left-footed amongst you. And, if you watch close enough, you can see—perhaps feel—an underlying theme running through the glorious music and oddly specific dance titles. That’s just love, and the reason why you must learn this impeccable art.

1. Your Final Test

Finally, if you wish to complete this path to dance enlightenment, this is the video that you must watch, study, and master; this is the end. You are almost there my friend! However, you must remember how truly difficult these moves can be. You may not be ready for hoedown throwdown, the nutbush, or even hammertime, and these are only a few of the moves that you must master—there are 50 in total! So, if you feel overwhelmed by the perfection you see on display here, you must watch these videos again, and perhaps even meditate. I trust in you, and I trust in your ability to love, but it’s only once you trust yourself that you will truly prosper.

Good luck, and may the path to love and dance treat you well.


Tyler Fleck is a dance master and blogger extraordinaire, and he is here to answer all of your questions. If you need help down this path, email him or check out FTDance. They can supply you with the supplies you need (like ballet dance shoes) to truly make this a journey worth taking.



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