4 Fun Family Hobbies to do in 2020


Spending quality time as a family is something that should always be a priority for us, because it fosters close relationships, reduces conflict and is also great for our mental health. It also keeps children away from falling in with the wrong crowd, and helps them grow up with high self-esteem which will benefit them in every area of their lives. It also helps children get the foundation to later on create healthy and happy families of their own. According to All About Child, “Children with happy family memories are more likely to create a loving environment for their own children when they grow up. Learning to work and play as a family unit is one of the best lessons children can be taught so they can develop into competent adults and parents.” 

Just because spending time with family is something we’re meant to do, doesn’t mean that it has to feel boring, forced or have you sitting around in front of the TV all the time. There are ways for a family to spend time together, in a way that’s fun, adventurous and engaging. This is where a family hobby comes in. There are many benefits to deciding to do something as a unit, and coming up with a hobby you take part in every week, every 2 weeks or every month. You give your family something to look forward to. 

So how do you decide what family hobby to do? In this article, we discuss some unique and interesting ideas for a family-based activities and hobbies you can bring to family time. 

T-shirt Printing 

Creativity is a fun hobby, and you can take family paint night to the next level by running a low-cost t-shirt printing operation? All you’ll need is a printer and then you can get the sublimation ink from Cosmos Ink, and your family can create custom-made t-shirts on demand. Your kids can make their own designs and really get creative and have fun. They can make t-shirts for their friends and other family members. You can take this further by turning it into a business where your kids can actually sell the t-shirts, and learn about entrepreneurship in the process. It’s a hobby that can actually teach them a lot. 

Create a Blog or Podcast 

One of the greatest things about the modern era is that hobbies can be digital too, so if you and your family are techies, something online based would be fun. You can create a family style blog where you and your family write about your adventures, and because blogs take different skills to run, different members of your family can have different responsibilities, like taking photos, writing and design. Alternatively, you can create a family podcast where you sit down weekly and discuss an interesting topic. All you would need to get is a couple of good microphones and set up in your dining room. These are fun ways for your kids to gain media skills and show off their creativity. 


Everyone loves a great meal and the taste of good food, so why not make hobby that you and your family can take part in together. For example, you can do themed food nights every single week. One week could be Italian food, the next Thai and the next Mexican food, and so on. Each family member can be in charge of a dish, and through these experiences they can actually learn more about the world and its different cultures. 


Health is one of the most important things we need to teach our kids to value from a young age. They need to be educated on eating right and taking care of their bodies; not from an angle of vanity but rather self-care and fitness. Why not foster these good habits and lead by example by exercising together? It can be as simple as going for hikes or runs together, or doing workout videos from home. Committing to exercise will help them create healthy habits for life. 

In 2020, make it a priority for your family to make great memories together. Take it further than family movie night, and aim to have something engaging and unique. Get everyone involved. Come up with a list together based on everyone’s interests, and then have everyone vote on what they think everyone would enjoy. Making it everyone’s decisions fosters a feeling of togetherness which will carry into the actual hobby itself, and make it even more of a great time for everyone. 

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Nothing beats spending quality time with family. One thing I love doing with everyone in my family is cooking. It just has a way of uniting us.