4 Fantastic Benefits of Building an Alumni Network


Around 4 million Americans graduate from college every year. 

Some of these graduates will see the ceremony as a final goodbye to their college career. Others, though, understand the value of building a strong alumni network and keeping in touch with their alma mater.

But what are some of the many benefits of joining an alumni association? Let’s take a look!

1. Discounts and Perks

The best alumni networks reward their members with a host of discounts and perks in and around campus. These include discounts on future courses and football game tickets. Plus, you’ll continue to enjoy access to campus facilities such as the library and fitness center.

But you’ll also find that many colleges partner with businesses to offer their alumni big discounts. These can apply to everything from insurance and computing equipment to restaurants and clothing. And, if you’re lucky, you might even be able to bag cheaper hotel rates or discounts on tours and cruises if your college alumni package offers travel discounts. 

2. Alumni Events 

Alumni associations often host social events such as pep rallies and lectures. These events help alumni stay connected with college friends while also building a community, as you can find more info about here. 

Alumni associations also plan the biggest event on the alumni calendar – reunions! If your last high school reunion left a lot to be desired, why not volunteer for your alumni’s reunion committee? This way, you can make sure your college reunion is a lot more fun!

3. Professional Networking and Career Support

One of the most compelling reasons to maintain great alumni relations is for the networking opportunities you’ll access. As well as career fairs and networking events, your alumni will likely support your ongoing career by providing self-assessment tests and job interview tips.

Many alumni networks also connect through LinkedIn groups or member databases. This makes it easy to keep abreast of any future job opportunities or developments. And, if your school has thousands of alumni, there are often chapters and groups divided according to location and interests to ensure all updates will be relevant. 

4. Volunteering Opportunities 

Alumni associations aren’t only beneficial to their members. They also help future students and the wider community by connecting alumni to volunteer opportunities as a way to give back. Many colleges arrange volunteering events and rely on volunteers to staff committees and give guest lectures. 

One of the most rewarding ways to contribute through your alumni association is by helping current and future students. Many alumni associations fund scholarships for incoming students. Alumni also take an active role in the admission process by interviewing potential students and making recommendations for new admissions. 

Reap the Benefits of Building an Alumni Network

As these benefits show, there are plenty of great reasons to maintain good alumni relations once you’ve graduated. 

Not only does building a strong alumni network help your finances, career, and social life, but it also helps you feel more connected to your fellow alumni, your alma mater, and the wider community. 

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