3 Ways to Help Your Employees Be More Responsible


Many managers find themselves struggling with employees who are irresponsible, fail to complete tasks in a timely manner, and lack initiative. Keeping employees happy and eager to do a good job is often a major challenge that is faced by managers and employers all over the world. This article will help hypothesize some ways in which you can encourage your employees to be more responsible in their role within your company.


  1. Vision. The vision and mission of your company can really set the tone for how your employees are going to buy-in to their role. During orientation, it is a good idea to introduce the history of your company and the vision for moving forward. Identify ways in which your employee’s role makes a difference and how they contribute to the overall success of the company. Help them feel that they have ownership of the company because their job is of utmost importance to the business. If an employee understands the vision of the business they are working for, and feel that they make a difference, the chances of you having an invested employee is increased. Invested employees make for loyal, hard-working, and responsible team members.
  2. Feedback and evaluation. People want to hear that they are positively making an impact and that they are doing a good job. Often times managers find themselves spending so much time giving performance improvement plans to employees that they fail to give positive feedback to those that are excelling or doing well on a consistent basis. This can cause morale to sink as those who try very hard to do well feel as if they are not noticed. By using an employee management system, such as advancesystemsinc.com, managers can stay up to date on positive feedback for employees by taking note. When it is time to provide the employee with a performance evaluation, it will be easy to pull up your notes and give a comprehensive report. Your employee will be impressed because you noticed their hard work.
  3. Training. People want to improve and they want to continue to learn. Providing your employees with training is often considered a perk and can be utilized as part of your compensation plan. Encouraging your employees to attend training and represent your company on special projects not only helps with professional development but also creates buy-in for the company, as well as establishes loyalty. Another perk to allowing employees to attend training is that they will now how increased knowledge and be able to perform their tasks better.


Helping your employees feel valued, understand your mission and vision for moving the company forward, and providing professional development are all ways in which you can encourage your employees to be more responsible in their role. While the workday can be busy with a variety of tasks, meetings, and ever-growing to-do lists, it is important to spend time on managing employees. By doing so, you will retain employees and experience better performance output by those on your payroll.

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