3 Tips to Ensure You’re Taking Advantage of Your Online Community


It’s no secret that the online marketing space is booming. No matter the tool or technique, consumers are utilizing the internet to access brands and businesses. Take a look at some of these key statistics if you’re still not convinced:

With online communities clearly being a center focus for most brands, what can you do as an entrepreneur to make the most of this constantly changing marketing environment? Let’s take a look at a few main strategies to help you take advantage of your online community.

1. Advertise Your Products And Services in your Online Community

It may seem like the obvious answer but you’re not truly utilizing the power of your online community if you aren’t getting your products and services out there. There are so many online tools now that make it easy to advertise your latest product drop, sale or upcoming changes, including social media, SEO, email marketing, websites, content marketing and more. With your followers and users being constantly exposed to a variety of content from many different brands, you must ensure that your advertising is consistent and engaging. Just because you have a strong online community now, doesn’t mean they’ll always be around — you have to give them a reason to stay. Consider following a variety of successful brands on social media, including Airbnb, Tesla, Amway and Nike, to get a feel for how they market to their audience in order to get ideas for how you can do the same to your own niche.

2. Show Off Your Personality and Build a Unique Relationship

There are so many creative ways to communicate in the online world. As an entrepreneur, you have a chance to not just have a regular business-to-consumer relationship, but rather, to really bond with your audience through your similarities and interests, and ultimately form a long-lasting relationship. Through tools like video, Instagram Live and Instagram stories, Snapchat, emails and event promotion, you can connect with your online community in unique and exciting ways. You have the chance to show what you truly care about, share your brand values and express the real personality of your company. This is why consumers love to follow brands online and often why tools like social media have become such a popular method of marketing.

3. Stay Connected

Having an online community also means you have the opportunity to stay connected with your audience at all times. This can be advantageous in many circumstances, as you can communicate with them at the best of times. Utilize tools like GPS tracking on your app, alongside push notifications, to notify individual community members when they’re close to your store, or when an online sale begins. You can also use consistent emails and social media posts to always make sure you’re in front of their face. Having an online community means you have access to your consumers 24 hours a day, so why not take advantage of that?

Building an online community is a vital part of building a business these days. However, do you know how to truly utilize this tool? Take a look at these few tips to help you take advantage of your online community, and see more success with your brand.

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