3 Must Have Wedding Decorations


If you’re planning for your big day, you’ll definitely be thinking about your theme and decorations!

The decor will be the focal point of your wedding. Your wedding photos will rely on the beautiful decor you choose, so it’s important to make sure you love it.  

You also may wish to be a bit more original when it comes to your wedding theme. Here are 3 must have wedding decorations to give your special day that wow factor. 

Hire a Neon Sign 

Neons signs are an underrated wedding accessory! They can act as a focal point, photo area, and an illuminating centrepiece. In the evening especially is when the neon sign will truly glow.

If you’re looking for something a bit different and impactful, look no further than a stunning neon sign. Here’s a few reasons why they’re a must-have wedding decoration:

  • You can place them anywhere to draw attention to that area.  

If you want to emphasise the open bar, place a neon sign there to attract your guests. Do you want a special touch to your venue entrance? A neon sign could be the answer.

  • The perfect photo backdrop for your guests. 

If you’re thinking about creating a space where your guests can take pictures to remember your big day, a neon sign could serve as the designated photo area.

  • Whether it’s your new surnames, a special lyric or phrase, make it shine with your own neon sign. 

A Flower Arch For Your Ceremony

A must have classic option for your wedding is a stunning flower arch. You’re going to need a romantic focal point as you say your vows, an arch adorned with your favourite flowers is certainly a viable option. 

Having an archway is a symbol of starting a new life together. You’re passing through the arch as a married couple, promising to start a new life together. Archways have cultural significance in many cultures so it’s worth having one at your wedding. 

Weddings and flowers are pretty synonymous! A flower arch is a traditional looking and gorgeous option for your wedding arch. The place you say ‘I Do’ needs to be romantic and beautiful. 

You’ll be looking back through these photos in years to come! It’s worth building a magical area.

Create Ambience With Lanterns

Speaking of magical areas…when it comes to building a romantic atmosphere in your venue, you’re going to want to think about lighting. Lanterns can be a great option for a welcoming, romantic feel.

You could place lanterns anywhere you feel needs a touch of ambience. At the end of your pews or seats? Or surrounding an area you want to draw attention to such as your wedding arch. A winter wedding will especially benefit from the soft glow of lanterns. 

If you’re having a summer wedding, lanterns are a great option for your reception as when it gets darker outside you’ll still want to keep your decorations illuminated. 

However you choose to decorate your wedding, as long as you both love it then that’s all that matters. But if you’re stuck for ideas, we hope these 3 recommendations helped.

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