Tips to find the best wedding photographer for the big day


Your photographs are documents that stay with you forever. And when it is your wedding day, it does make sense in clicking photographs that can be cherished throughout your life. And to enjoy this privilege, the person behind the camera has to be reliable, and one that has handled many such assignments.

In this article, let us find out how you can settle for a photographer that will make your wedding memorable by clicking photographs that will stand the test of all times.

Tips to hire a professional wedding photographer

Check out the important points to consider prior to doing so-

  1. Your decision and ideas matter

It is your wedding so you will know best the style and the theme that you would prefer for your grand day. So, it is best if you decide upon the theme and the style first before you assign the task to the professional photographer.

If you are running short of ideas, you can seek assistance of the professional wedding photographer too. However, for that you must have already selected the professional by then. You could also resort to ideas from reliable wedding professionals like Styckie – Professional Pictures.

Since service providers or vendors operate in this niche area and it is their domain, they can always assist you in making selection as far as style, design, and theme is concerned.

  1. Work in sync with the wedding photographer

You have to sit and work out with your photographer the various ceremonies and instances when the clicks have to be taken. Also, every guest demands attention, as such, how frequently guests have to be clicked is to be decided too.

You could strike up a deal with the professional to take several snapshots and later choose, perhaps after the wedding, the ones that looks best. This selection can be done by you and the photographer and perhaps your spouse, who will already have become your better-half by the time the photographs are ready.

  1. Refer to wedding albums

When you are hiring the services of a professional wedding photographer, it is not just about clicking pictures of the ceremonies and the guests and the various functions or programs that take place, it is also about choosing the frames and the style of albums where you are going to fix the photographs.

As such, ask your photographer to show albums that he has worked upon in the past. This will also help you to broaden your horizon when it comes to selecting themes and styles of the big day.

  1. Know your right on photographs

One of the most crucial of all aspects is to find out what your rights are pertaining to your wedding photographs. As per most of the contracts, it is seen that photographers have the right to all your photographs. In other words, your photographs could as well be used for promotional purposes.

Many allow you to share only watermarked images. As such, talk to the wedding photographer about the usage and how you can use your wedding snapshots either digitally or in print. You could also negotiate the fees depending on this aspect.

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4 years ago

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Just wanting some feedback from more experienced photographers than myself. I just read an article about chromatic aberration ( and its suggestion is to deal with it in post-processing (either Lightroom or Photo

4 years ago

Thank for this importend post !
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Daniel L. Rivera
Daniel L. Rivera
4 years ago

Wedding is an important event in the life of every person. This event is passing, and the photos remain. Therefore, they must be of high quality and beautiful. This needs to be corrected Choose the right size and improve the quality so as not to miss the details.

4 years ago

Thank you for the advice, we are planning a wedding in Hawaii, and based on your advice, we have found Maui wedding photographers that seem perfect for us! I hope that everything goes perfectly because it’s very beautiful there and then the photos should be just stunning.