3 Killer Gifts for the Coffee Aficionado


 It can get tricky shopping for a coffee aficionado, especially when it seems they have more than enough gadgets to produce a quality cup of joe. Every coffee drinker has about a dozen mugs and a cupboard of fancy blends, but what else is out there? We’ve gathered a few of the top must-haves to help anyone shopping for a coffee lover.

Coffee Subscription

 If you consider yourself somewhat of a coffee connoisseur or know someone who is, then this goes without question: A coffee subscription is a perfect gift. Companies like Moustache Coffee Club offer a range of roasts from all around the world. Whether it’s a chocolate flavor or a dry finish that someone is looking for, Moustache Coffee delivers literally and figuratively! The benefits of having a coffee subscription include fresh coffee beans regularly shipped to any location. And the subscription is fully customizable! Choose the person’s favorite blends or let them pick their own. With rates as low as $26 per month, this quality gift is surprisingly affordable.

Coffee Bean Grinder

 If your coffee-loving friend still buys their coffee beans ground, do them a favor and get them a grinder. You step into a new threshold when you buy and brew fresh coffee beans. Why let big corporate companies have all the fun? Owning a coffee bean grinder is a sure way to have your guests preferring your coffee over the next guy’s. It also allows you to shop from additional coffee selections at the grocery store. No more having to stick to ground coffee or Keurig pods as your only options.

Grabbing the right grinder isn’t hard, even with a variety of selections. It’s about knowing which kind of grinder is right for the person you’re buying for. The quick and efficient electric grinder ranges from $17 up to $1000. The lightweight compact grinder starts around $15 dollars and is great for taking on the go. And for someone who prefers a nice classic, the hand crank coffee grinder is a barista favorite for producing consistent particle sizes. No matter your preference of ground coffee, having the ability to grind it right at home (or on the go) is truly a coffee connoisseur game changer.

 A French Press Travel Mug

 All coffee lovers know that to make a great cup of coffee, you need great coffee beans and a French press. Since there is a likely chance that your coffee fan may already have a French press, snagging them a rel=dofollow noopenerFrench press travel mug will take things to the next level. These travel mugs combine the French press mechanism which presses the beans to enhance the flavor with the ability to keep your coffee warm for hours. The perfect gift for anyone who values great tasting coffee on the run. These handy coffee-lover accessories range from around $20 to $50 dollars and are available at a variety of retailer stores.

 With the above suggestions, you will be able to find quality, highly efficient and reasonably priced gifts that are thoughtful and unique. Whether you’re shopping for a soon-to-be nurse who’s studying for an Associate Degree in Nursing program or a busy parent who works from home, finding the right gift is challenging. Shopping “outside the box” for your coffee lover will guarantee to put a pleasant aroma under their nose and a smile on their face.


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