3 Benefits To Investing In Evidence-Based Therapy


Evidence-based therapy is any therapy which is based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence. This therapy puts into consideration the patient’s circumstances, clinical state, actions, and preferences more so than in psychotherapy.

Evidence-based therapy implies that studies done along with extensive research on a specific mode of treatment have been tried, tested and proven to be effective. The goal of evidence-based therapy is to ensure that patients get safe treatment with the right results.

There are a few interventions that are used in evidence-based therapy. One is the Art Therapy for children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. This therapy offers different opportunities as well as resources that enhance expression to promote sensory means of communication.

Another evidence-based therapy is the Dialectical Behavior Therapy that is super effective in the treatment of patients suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, Trichotillomania, as well as substance abuse.

Children suffering from Developmental Coordination Disorder also benefit from evidence-based therapy by implementing task oriented and process oriented interventions during treatment.

With that basic overview, here are 3 benefits to investing in evidence-based therapy:

  1. The Safety Of Patients Is Increased

Investing in evidence-based therapy ensures that the outcome of patients after treatment is improved when practitioners administer treatment in an evidence-based approach. A problem-solving approach that involves the use of the current best practices derived from properly structured studies reduces variation in patient outcomes. Consistency in treatment is assured.

This is to mean then that paying for this therapy assures you that what you or your patient receives as treatment is tried and tested to be effective in availing the desired results.

  1. Treatment By Skilled Workers

Clinical workers who administer treatment to patients need to be properly empowered to carry out their work as they should. A lack of awareness of the research process and a lack of exposure to the research studies may limit their effectiveness while administering therapy to patients.

This is why investing in evidence-based therapy is important. Clinical workers using this approach have been empowered through exposure to the studies and research that has been done and are fit to administer the most effective treatment. Bear in mind that the final outcome of the patient is fully dependent on the skill of the clinical officer attending to him or her.

  1. Reduced Cost Of Treatment And Increased Accountability

Evidence-based therapy aims to provide the best quality treatment to patients. Accountability is therefore needed so as to ensure that patients pay for treatment that is proven to work for them.

Evidence-based therapy has been proven to be cost effective. This is so because patients who are subjected to it spend less time while receiving treatment as compared to those who go through a treatment plan that has not been proven through research. Cost-effectiveness is directly proportional to clinical effectiveness. The two go hand in hand.

The time has come for the psychotherapy field to focus on research and raise highly skilled evidence-based therapists. This then promotes accountability in the sense that the therapists will be gauged with regards to the treatment plans they administer and the results they get.


Evidence-based therapy is certainly an effective approach to treatment. If you or someone you know suffer from an addiction or a disorder of some sort, evidence-based therapy is the way to go. You can get it today at the Peace Club

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