12 Ways To Redesign Your Garden On A Budget


The garden is often the hub of the home in the summer months. For smaller houses, it can often be an extension of the interior, while larger homes can enjoy big family BBQs on the patio while the sun sets. So how do you redesign your garden to make it work for your home? You don’t have to spend a fortune to transform the look and feel of your outdoor spaces. Here are twelve ways to redesign your garden on a budget.

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#1 Get A Stamped Concrete Patio

A decorative stamped concrete patio creates the illusion of individual patio paving stones at a fraction of the cost. Create an outdoor space where you can set up the area for outdoor dining without worrying about weeds growing between stones. Stamped concrete comes in various patterns and designs depending on the style you’re looking for in your garden.

#2 Reshape Your Flower Beds

Changing the design of your flowerbeds can drastically alter the appearance of your garden. For smaller gardens, consider ditching the straight flowerbeds and creating the illusion of space with a gentle curve. Wider flower beds also allow you to plant a variety of plant life without them all competing for space. You could also consider planting new and vibrant plants to change the overall color scheme of your garden.

#3 Paint Your Fences

Painting your fence with bright colors can drastically change the feel and appearance of your garden. Use it to complete your existing space; use slate or dark tones to complement vibrant greens or light pastel or cream shades if you have dark furniture or plants in your garden. You can use your fence as a contrast to highlight the existing tones.

#4 Upcycle Old Wooden Furniture

Do you have old wooden furniture hitting the end of its indoor life? Consider giving it a new zest of life with some waterproof paint and using it on your outdoor patio. Upcycling furniture is a great sustainable practice and also saves money. You can do the same with old packing crates and use them as shelves or even repurpose them as outdoor tables. 

#5 Grow Things From Seed

Do you already have flowers growing outdoors? At the end of the season, consider harvesting the old seed heads and using them from next year. If you don’t have flowers in your garden, buy seed packets, which are infinitely cheaper than fully-grown potted flowers. Aim for perennial plants wherever possible, as these are likely to grow back year after year.

#6 Buy An All Weather Rug

An all-weather rug is ideal for sprucing up an old patio or brightening outdoor space. An indoor-outdoor rug is ideal for making your outdoor space an extension of the home. Brighter rugs in a cozy outdoor space can often make your garden feel like an additional room in the house. Darker all-weather rugs are also useful to hide stains from muddy paw prints or kids.

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#7 Use Grass Seed Instead Of Turf

Growing a lawn from seed is much cheaper than using artificial or real turf. Prepare the ground you want to turf by clearing it of any weeds or stones and turning over the soil. Sow the seeds from April to October to create a lush lawn that lasts all year round. Water the grass seeds regularly until they are properly rooted and sprouting.

#8 Create A DIY Bar

Use an old potting station or shed storage and convert it into a DIY bar. Simply use a lick of waterproof paint in bright colors and bring out your beverages to enjoy on a cool summer night. Consider treating yourself to a bar sign and giving your new DIY bar a name to enjoy in the summer months.

#9 Spruce Up Your Shed

Is your shed a dumping ground for all your unloved and old garden items? Consider sprucing it up to make a garden room or better use the storage. Upcycle old crates to use as shelves and storage units, and have a good clear-through to ensure you’re throwing away old items. Give it a lick of paint, and if you have room, consider installing a chair and table so you can work out there in the summer. 

#10 Create An Exterior Statement Wall

Consider creating an exterior statement wall in your garden to make your outdoor space pop. Why not paint your exterior wall a bright blue or a statement orange? It is cost-effective and helps make your outdoor space stand out while adding personality and vibrancy. Match or contrast it with your plants and garden furniture for an outdoor theme.

#11 Use Solar Lighting

Solar lights are a great way to brighten your garden at night without spending much money. They can be delicate fairy lights or statement solar tiki torches. Find the ideal lighting for your garden to enjoy the summer evenings in style. Solar lights charge all day and are ready to use in the evening and night.

#12 Create A Wildlife Friendly Space

Creating a wildlife-friendly space is one of the easiest ways to make your garden feel full of life. Consider investing in bird feeders, bird baths, and bird boxes, and use bee-friendly plants like lavender, rosemary and sunflowers. You could also create a bug box, wood pile, or compost heap to make your garden more environmentally friendly.

Final Thoughts

Redesigning your garden does not have to be expensive. A stamped concrete patio can create the feel of expensive paving at a fraction of the cost while upcycling garden furniture can create a cozy outdoor garden space. Reshaping your flower beds can help to create the illusion of space while repainting fences and exterior walls can transform the appearance of your garden. Create a wildlife-friendly space with solar lighting to create a sustainable area packed with life. 

However you decide to redesign your garden space, give it a new lease of life to enjoy your outdoor area in 2023.

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