Modern Home Renovation Tips in 2021


Home renovation trends have gone viral since the pandemic forced everyone to stay indoors. From making DIY crafts for the decoration to renovation funds from the monthly expenditures, people have made the most out of this situation.

The adrenaline rush from renovating the space you call home can go downhill immediately when you come across the first hurdle in your path. The financial constraints of a budget stretched too thin or the interior designer backing out at the last moment could potentially ruin your renovation plans.

But you must remember that you cannot let external factors diminish your fun! Here is a list of the top modern home renovation tips you can use in the New Year.  

We are sure that these tips will help you have a hassle-free and uncomplicated journey!

Start with a straightforward budget.

Getting started with a budget is a common-sense decision. When you are aware of your budget’s size, you can conveniently allocate resources to their best use. 

When you start budgeting for a significant renovation project, make sure that you list all the expenses such as materials, workmanship, transportation, and any unforeseen expenses that can pop out of nowhere.

Once you have the figures, add a baseline amount to cushion your wallet, in the case when you start pining for something that is on the higher-end.

Sometimes, buying a pre-constructed house can save you some money, but on the other hand, it also comes with some cons. Read this Paradise Developments guide about purchasing a pre-constructed house.

Decide the scale of the project.

Having a realistic budget will keep you grounded. You can draw up a realistic timeframe for the revamp without going overboard.

It is easy to feel indulgent when watching a specific style of homes on Netflix and television, Instagram and Architectural Digest. But we don’t always get what we want, which is why you must think hard to define the things your house genuinely needs and the elements you want to incorporate in your house.

You can make a list of all the things you intend to get done to your home and then start shortlisting them based on needs and wants. The economic principle of scarcity will prove very handy here.

When you know that the washroom needs to be redone and the kitchen faucets are the only things that need to be done from scratch, only then you can think of getting the expensive bar trolley from Wayfair that you have been eying for months now!

This division of tasks will allow you to splurge on a few big items at the moment while a few things get deferred to the next round of modern home renovation goals. The goal here is to spend wisely to allocate these savings to something that you genuinely need at home.

Make a vision board for inspiration.

Cheap home renovation ideas are available on every blog, but the ones that look aesthetically pleasing while fitting your budget are hard to find. This is where your old friend Pinterest can come handy. Use your list of necessary items for the home decoration and start scouring Pinterest for budget-friendly ideas.

You can even get screenshots from your favorite high-end brands to get started. When you know the color scheme and themes for the study and guest bedroom, then you can go to the affordable sites to purchase them.

Suppose you have a budget large enough to accommodate all the expenses then you must be thankful for the bounty of life. But if that is not the case, even then there is nothing to worry about. You can start looking for similar listings from eBay, Ikea, and other budget-friendly stores.

You are trying to add value to your home, and not adding a burden on your income and expenditure ratio! Remember that.

Know your options

You can follow traditional home renovation tips and go exploring around the house. Look for the often neglected spots like the socket behind the door and the pendant light in the foyer that fused weeks ago.

These minuscule upgrades at the start of the renovation process would allow you to stay assured that your house will not blow up in flames if you tried to use your mom’s crockpot in your kitchen. You can survey the market for more pocket-friendly options for many faucets and fixtures around the house.

If you have decided to hire a professional team for the renovation, then this is the best time to investigate their merit. Make sure that you ask a couple of people before putting your trust in them. Look for the licenses, certificates, and history until you are satisfied with the company’s rapport.

Look for a team who is friendly and also flexible about your ideas.

Be realistic about the change.

If we asked you to raise hands if Chrissy and John Legend’s home on Instagram has enticed you to comment #goals on their pictures, more than half of our team would be guilty as charged.

The aesthetics of celebrity homes, television sets, and staged Instagram photos can raise your expectations a lot higher. 

It is natural to feel a little insecure about your choices when you immediately need to make changes to the house and run short on bucks.

Try to think of the number of things you can DIY from your plans. Painting a few small nooks and crannies of the house is not a tough thing. Neither can you pass out from putting up art pieces on the walls of the guest bedroom.

Remember that you will experience discomfort when the house undergoes any construction or renovation. Your patience and perseverance will be tested on multiple stages during the renovation process.

Enjoy the ride

No matter how tough things, if you want to place DIY candles on the dining table, then you have all the right to do so. Your home renovation process will drain you of energy and joy at a couple of times, but that does not mean that you can sulk in the corner.

Getting frustrated is not an option. So try to keep a smile on your face as you continue to get things done to your home. Try to fix things instead of firing people for incompetence.

Final Thoughts

Renovation can be an overwhelming experience when you try it for the first time. But if you stay confident in your decisions after consultation from a professional, you are all good to go!

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