10 Ways to Get Out of a Financial Crunch


Whether you’re a college student or a single parent, sometimes it can become difficult to make ends meet. Too little or too much, either way, money can be tricky to keep on top of. If you’ve been in a financial struggle for a while, this post will help you get back on track. We have shared some useful tips for getting out of a financial crunch:


  • Act NOW


As soon as you notice your finances dwindling, it’s time to take action. Procrastinating and expecting the situation to improve on its own will do no good. You have to act now and reassess your financial situation, make plans, implement them and actively work towards getting yourself out. 


  • Cut expenses


Cutting expenses is the first step for dealing with a financial crisis. Make a list of every single thing you spend on. Writing it down will give you a clear and accurate idea of where you’re spending your money.

The next move would be to eliminate non-essential expenses. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Avoid eating out, cook at home
  • Switch to a cheaper phone or Internet plan
  • Cancel subscriptions and memberships
  • Economise your home
  • Take public transportation
  • Quit drinking and smoking 
  • Get a roommate
  • Use discounts, coupons and subsidies


  • Make a budget


It’s not easy to save if you don’t have a strict plan to follow. Making a budget will allow you to prioritise important expenses and keep track of your spending. It’s easier to hold yourself accountable when you have every transaction recorded. 

You can take advantage of budgeting and spending apps. These are convenient tools that can help you manage your money better.


  • Take out a payday loan


If your finances are holding on by a thread, you can consider getting some external help. Payday loans are fast loans online that are suitable for short-term borrowing needs. These can come in handy in extremely difficult financial situations. However, you should be cautious with a payday loan. Though they are instant and easy to procure, they are offered at a high-interest rate. If you fail to repay on time, it could worsen your financial standing.


  • Stop using credit cards


Credit cards essentially enable you to spend the money you don’t have. It’s convenient to swipe your card and continue spending. But when you’re in a rough financial spot, you must curb this urge and strictly stay away from your credit card. When money is sparse, you can’t go around spending the money you don’t have.


  • Ask friends and family


If you’re unable to secure a loan, consider asking your friends and family for help. They can provide temporary support until you can get back on your feet.


  • Be realistic


Yes, right now it’s imperative to make some changes and stick to them. But this doesn’t mean you make an unrealistic plan that you can’t keep up with. Use a steady process because you can’t change everything overnight. 


  • Get another job


If your schedule allows it, consider getting another job or adding another source of income. Working more than one job is never easy but it will bring in much-needed extra cash.


  • Sell belongings


When worse comes to worst, you should declutter and consider selling your belongings. Whether it’s your television or clothes, try to separate non-essential stuff and sell it online or at a second-hand store.


  • Stay positive


This might seem like pointless advice, but it’s important for you to stay positive. Being in the right frame of mind will help you persevere and get to the other side. 

Financial crisis can strike at the most unexpected times. We hope you found this post helpful.

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