How to Choose a Good Personal Lawyer


Finding the best lawyer is not easy. Whether you are getting a divorce, selling or buying real estate, or drafting a trust or a will, it’s significant to choose the right lawyer possible. No attorney is right for every client or case. Here are the seven important things you should consider when choosing an attorney to assist you with your legal issues.

Research several attorneys

First consultations are usually free, so it’s crucial to take your time and interview several lawyers. Ask family and friends in your neighborhood if they know any attorneys. However, don’t take their word blindly. You can use the internet to look the attorneys up. Again, don’t get sidetracked by flashy websites, television ads, and billboards. Look at the actual lawyer profiles to see: the associations they belong to; whether they have a sturdy track record of both trial and settlement results; if they’ve held leadership positions; if they have written any professional papers; if they handle a bit of everything or are more focused on one area of practice. All this will help you make an informed decision in the end.

Identify your legal needs

Paul J Napoli, a personal injury attorney based in New York states that the kind of legal case you have, changes the type of lawyer you need. A simple car accident case with minor injuries can get tackled by most personal injury lawyers. Alternatively, serious, complicated injuries or death cases require the attention of incredibly experienced lawyers with impressive track records. Most people think they don’t require experienced trial lawyers if the objective is to settle a certain case. However, this lawyer’s website explains that many insurance firms take into account the reputation of your attorney when deciding the amount to offer.


Every attorney starts as a new attorney. Many new attorneys are intelligent and gifted and have incredibly successful careers. When the new attorneys handle litigation, they usually begin with small and simple cases under the supervision of more experienced lawyers. Once they get experience, they start working on more complicated cases. Just like everyone else, attorneys learn from the mistakes they make. Experienced attorneys can be expected to make minimal mistakes since they have learned the strategies to avoid them. The experience you get will allow you to gain skills that you can’t acquire in law school, as well as:

  • Cross-examining witnesses
  • Valuing a legal case for settlement
  • Negotiating with an insurance adjuster or seasoned lawyer
  • Choosing a sympathetic jury
  • Persuading the judges to make some rulings that will favor a client
  • Making effective cases to juries

As the attorneys acquire experience, they learn how to work with insurance adjusters and other lawyers. They get to learn about the typical tendencies of their local judges. They also get an idea of how local judges will respond to various types of witnesses and evidence. If you have a simple minor case, any competent attorney can be able to tackle it well. However, if there’s more at stake, you should consider looking for an attorney with experience.


Most attorney jokes typically suggest that lawyers are dishonest or shady. But most attorneys are hardworking, honest, and committed to their jobs. Good attorneys should be aggressive advocates and tough negotiators, but they develop these skills to serve their clients better. An attorney can be sturdy without being dishonest. A good attorney knows that his/her reputation is everything. They don’t deceive their clients because they rely on clients for referrals. Good attorneys maintain a high level of integrity so that their clients can refer their friends to them.


Some lawyers view the law as a typical job. The best attorneys see the law as a technique to bring justice to those individuals who need assistance. Good attorneys care about their customers. During the first interview, attorneys should ask as many questions as possible to learn the crucial details of the case. However, good attorneys listen attentively to the answers and also ensure that they understand the concerns of a client.

Attorneys will identify the pain of a client but should not get emotionally attached to their clients since it clouds their professional judgment, although good attorneys care about their customers and want to do everything they can to assist the clients in getting justice.


Lawyers from small towns tend to handle a bit of everything. They include probating estates; they assist people to file bankruptcies and drafting contracts. Maybe once in a while, they handle occasional car accident cases involving small injuries. General practice attorneys who practice in more than one area of law meet a need in the small communities that cannot support more focused law practices. However, when cases require a higher level of expertise, general practice attorneys typically refer cases to attorneys who limit their law practice to only a few areas. Attorneys with limited practice have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that general practice attorneys may not have the chance to get.


Attorneys are usually judged by their peers, by their clients, and by the judges. Over time, attorneys a develop reputation. Attorneys who are well-known due their excellence are normally a good selection if they have enough time to handle your case. One of the best ways to learn the reputation of a lawyer is to ask friends and relatives about the lawyers they have worked with in past cases that almost similar to yours. If your friends and family members praise an attorney, it may be worth having an appointment to talk with that attorney about your case.

Clients spend hours with the attorney they hire. If a legal case goes to trial, the client and the attorney will spend a lot of time together in preparation. Lawyers and clients should communicate with each other more effectively and respect each other. The attorneys should understand the goals of a client and clients should know that a lawyer will assist them to understand whether their objectives are achievable.

Respect, understanding, and communication are all part of the relationship that the lawyers should develop with their clients. If you decide to interview several lawyers before selecting one, use the tips listed above to determine if an attorney is highly experienced to represent you. Later you can decide whether you’ll be able to develop a working relationship with the lawyer.

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Erika Brady
4 years ago

Your advice to check the lawyer’s expertise by finding out the areas of law they focus on would be important. Their website should be able to provide you with information on their expertise and experience. This could help narrow down the options so you can set up appointments with potential lawyers to ask questions and discuss your case.

Penelope Smith
4 years ago

I liked what you said about how it would be smart to think about getting a lawyer who has a good reputation. It is good to know that it would be smart to think about can have an effect on how the judge treats your case. It might also be smart to look for a lawyer who has been working in personal injury law for a long time.

Kellen Easton
4 years ago

Choosing the right attorney is important before filing a claim. Every attorney doesn’t have expertise in every case. You need to match every criteri before choosing the right attorney. As above mention experience and techniques of the lawyer could be very useful to solve your case.

Katie Wilson
4 years ago

Thanks for these tips on how to find a good lawyer. I agree that you want to use the internet to find out more about them. My husband and I are looking for a lawyer, so we’ll have to check online to find out about them first.

Taylor Anderson
4 years ago

It was refreshing to hear you talk about finding a lawyer that has compassion, as it can help them learn crucial details. One of my friends is in a hard spot, so he may need to hire a lawyer to help him. Thank you for all the great tips on how to choose a solicitor.

Jenna Hunter
4 years ago

My uncle is thinking about getting a lawyer to help him with his case. He really wants to make sure that he works with a professional. I liked what you said about asking friends and family about lawyers that they have worked with in the past that is similar to your case.

Katie Wilson
4 years ago

These are great tips on how to find a qualified lawyer. I agree that the more experienced a lawyer is, the fewer mistakes they will make. My husband and I are looking for a worker’s comp lawyer, so we’ll have to consider how much experience they are.