Shopkins Happy Places Happy House For the Girl on Your List


All of my girls love Shopkins. It seems like no matter where I look, they are everywhere in my house. They love playing with them and having such a fun time. I love watching their imagination soar and them just having a great time. A bonus is that they tend to not argue when playing with Shopkins, and that is a great relief. They are at that fun age of bickering at each other, so anything that gives a little relief I am all about it. My girls love the Shopkins Happy Places Happy House, they seem to really enjoy the new Shoppies.

I had not heard of Happy Places with the new Shoppies, until just recently. Basically Shoppies are a little girl that uses all the Shopkins as decorations or furniture. I am sure my daughter’s have a better explanation than I do, so this will have to do. They enjoy the heck out of it and really love decorating the Happy House. I think they have dug out every single Shopkins they have ever owned and have tried every way to decorate this new place. 


What’s Inside:

  • 1 Popette Lil’ Shoppie
  • 1 Large Pertkin
  • 2 Medium Petkins
  • 2 Small Petkins
  • 2 Mini Petkins

I love Popette, her dress is so adorable. I love watching my girls have every piece of furniture and every Shopkins have a conversation with Popette. It is incredibly sweet. It is recommended that kids 5 and over play with this play set. It has a lot of smaller pieces that could be a choking hazard. 

This makes an excellent gift for kids 5+! It is a little dollhouse and it brings lasting memories to kids to decorate and have an amazing time with their imaginations! 

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