Ryobi 2200 Starting Watt Digital Inverter Generator



With modern technology, we can’t get away from using electricity. It’s a fact of life. Whether you are using your cell phone, or cooking with your microwave, you need electricity.

!cid_6CF80F73209949B9A2B72DF7FD3A28E0@LaDonnaPCThe  Ryobi 2200 Starting Watt Digital Inverter Generator, Model # RYI2200 is amazing in every situation where electricity is needed but not accessible.

Our home has electric heat and being without electricity for any length of time in the winter isn’t an option. This is just one example of what is needed. However there are those times when you want electricity in a place where there isn’t any electricity at all, and running an extension cord isn’t possible.

I have seen a lot of generators out there, big and small, but the word generator can mean a lot of different things depending on who you are talking to. I think that a generator should produce ample electricity while being quiet. I also like it to be easy to use and safe on delicate electronics such as my cell phone and laptop. Can all generators do this? The answer is no, and some aren’t even close.

Let’s look at some of the features of the Ryobi generator model# RYI2200:


  • On-Board Monitoring System – Power, Over Load, Low Oil Alerts
  • Wheels and Extendable Handle for Easy Transport
  • Parallel Kit Capable – Combine Two Units for Twice the Power (sold separately)
  • Super Quiet: Quieter than a conversation
  • Clean Power: Safe for sensitive electronics
  • Auto-Idle: Runs longer, saves fuel when less power is required
  • 3 Step Easy Starting: Choke, pull start cord and run

The Ryobi Digital Inverter Generator comes with:

·         the Generator,  of course

·         a battery charging cable

·         lubricant for the engine

·         a screwdriver

·         a funnel

·         and the operator’s manual

The RYI2000 comes completely assembled. All you have to do is put in the oil and gas, and go. After you have initially started the RYI2200, it’s just a matter of GO! Of ed4414c4-259a-4034-b731-f414ffe5fdc0_300course, you will want to check the oil before starting, but you don’t have to put oil in every time you use it.

Everything I have read or seen concerning the RYI2200 is that it is as quiet as a normal conversation. Obviously, I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try. What I found was, it is quieter than a normal conversation. You heard me right. With the RYI2200 running, I can carry on a “normal” conversation while it’s running. If it was as loud as me, I would have to raise my voice to be heard, but I didn’t have to raise my voice to be heard. However, that is with just the RYI2200 running. If you are running a power tool on top of it, your power tool will drown out the RYI2200 and all you will hear is the power tool.

Obviously the RYI2200 cannot run everything in your home, however, you can alternate appliances and save you frozen and refrigerated items while keeping yourself warm while the electricity is down (providing you have enough gas on hand.

According to the manual, you can supply yourself with enough power to run a radio, your laptop, a portable fan, a 46” flat panel TV, a slow cooker, and twelve 75 watt bulbs all at the same time. Now that’s some power. Some wattages may vary, and you should check your own appliances, but this unit can supply quite a bit of power. Power tools take up greater amounts of electricity, but you can easily power almost any power tool.

The 12 volt DC outlet is designed to charge vented wet-cell batteries only. Any battery that has the removable caps for replenishing the electrolyte solution fits this criterion. They also suggest not using the unit for “jump-starting” you car as it may damage the electronics of the car.

The unit weighs 51 pounds. I know that sounds like a lot, but Ryobi didn’t want you to struggle too hard. They included wheels and an extendable/retractable handle. This allows you to wheel it wherever you want by yourself. And if it needs to be lifted onto a truck, car, or up Mount Everest, it has two handles so that you and a friend can carry or lift it to wherever you want to go.

It has an LED readout so that you will know if it is powering, overloading, or low on oil. All of these are good to know and you can easily see it on the front panel. The RYI2200 also is equipped with circuit breakers in case of an accidental overload. Let’s face it, we aren’t all electrical engineers here and accidents happen, and when it does, you trip a breaker instead of damaging the generator.

If you want to link two of them together, Ryobi has a parallel kit that you can use to link them together for more power. And the parallel kit is no harder than plugging it in and there you go.

I read the operator’s manual before starting and I suggest you do the same. It goes through the do’s and don’ts so that you can enjoy your generator for years to come.

And it’s all covered by Ryobi’s 3 year limited warranty. The reason it’s a limited warranty is because if you are doing something that will damage your generator, like pouring battery acid into the gas tank and tring to run it, Ryobi isn’t going to replace your generator when things go bad, but if something quits working right with your unit, Ryobi absolutely stands behind their product. In fact, I have some older Ryobi tools, and yes they are still working, but I can see a definite improvement in Ryobi’s quality. They are really stepping up their game and producing “Top-of-the-Line” products. I wouldn’t be surprised to see their prices rise in the future, so if you want a good product, don’t wait 2-3 years, get it now while the price is low.

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Great review. I really need one of these, since I experience so many power outages during the spring/summer months

Kimmy Moore

This would be awesome for me and my neighbors if the power went out. I also like how it’s not really noisy.


This looks like an amazing generator. I’ve been looking at everything I need to get for when we take the leap and buy a house. A generator is definitely on our list of must haves!


Sounds like an awesome generator. We live in the country, so when our power goes out, we have no electricity PLUS no water!!! It’s hard no matter what season. We currently have a small generator, but it won’t run out heat/ac or water. Just the basics like the fridge. I would love to have one of these. Thanks so much!!!

Denise Vandenbusch Bohman
Denise Vandenbusch Bohman

This sounds like a great necessity to have. I like that it has a handle and wheels to move it where needed. You never know when an emergency happens and this would be great to have on hand for one. The review really shows the greatness of the product.

N Smith

I would to win the Ryobi 2200 Watt Inverter Generator! I live in Fl and know I need one!!

Nancy E

Looks like a great generator, I like the fact that it only weights 51 lbs. That and the handle and wheels means I can handle moving it myself.

Donna Monk

I would love to win the Ryobi Generatori. With summer approaching that means hurricanes to me here in Eastern Carolina.Therefore a generator will come in very handy.

corri ankenbauer

this would be great for when we get a bad storm and lose are electric, also it would make a great fathers day gift for my husband. the Ryobi 2200 watt inverter generator is the best generator they make my husband (dale) said. and I would love to win it to give the best generator to the best husband.


This is great for my countryhouse.

april b

Really need this here, we have power outages all the time.


This is great! I didn’t even know Ryobi made generators. I’m definitely going to check it out!!


My husband loves your tools…he Needs this generator : )

Elizabeth Sotomayor

This is great present for my husband

Teresa Salerno

This generator is great especially since it offers the Parallel system to generate more power. I would love to get one for the next power outtage in my area.

mary simonton

storms get crazy here this would be a great fathers day gift tks 4 the chance


Sounds like a quality product. Would like to win this product, especially at this time of year when we are exposed to hurricanes.

Mary Beth Elderton

Most homes should probably have a generator. And, of course, Ryobi is a top name!

lisa brown

Such a nice unit. I really need it for powder outages and for when I go camping.

Angela Yeremenko

This sounds great! I love that it has an led display.

Amanda Bower

A generator is always a good idea, esp for running the refrigerator in a power outage, or running the heat during a major winter storm outage. Looks like a good solid piece of machinery.


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Sharon Gullikson

My husband and son could really use this when they go ATV riding in the desert. There is NO electricity where they go, so it would be awesome to have this. Thanks.

Brenda White Myers

I live in central Oklahoma and this is the beginning of our Tornado season. I have to total electric house and we don’t have a generator and it would really come in handy if we get hit and loose all of our power. TY so much for this opportunity to win

Carla H.

Great review and so generous of Ryobi to provide one of their generators for a giveaway!

jo n

It was able to keep more power going than I originally thought. Thank you for letting us know. Maybe I just missed it in the above, but about how long does a gal of gas take to run out?

Casey Colette

We do not have a generator. We sure could use one, alabama is prone to tornadoes and power outages 🙂

Stacey Carter

an amazing product with a trusted name

ellen beck

Ryobi is a brand we know and trust- the brand is awesome and we own quite a few of the tools. The generator sounds as if it can stand up to alot of use!

misty eastridge

What a great product you have

Elizabeth S.

We have several of the tools in this line and LOVE them all! Would love to win this as a Father’s Day gift!:)

Sylvia Zajis

This generator has so many great amenities. I could really use this in case of emergency since I live right in the middle of Tornado Alley in Oklahoma. Fingers crossed!

mary mac

Love that it is easy start and quiet.

Becky Schollian

WOW!! Is the first thing that comes to mind. What a technical advancement!! I had to read this twice to take in all this fabulous generator does!! Absolutely fantastic!! What caught my attention is how adaptable it is for small appliances. This is a major must for those unfortunate times when the power is done for for long periods of time..Cell phone, Cooking appliances…This is one remarkable generator!!

Maria Macha

This would be perfect for when we experience power outages. we’ve been through a hurricane before and we really needed this!

Stephanie Hastie

I really could use a generator – 2 hurricanes and 3 blizzards in the past year alone!

Jennifer Mae Hiles

I really like that it comes assembled and seems fairly easy to use/operate. There have been times when my husband was away for work and our power went out for an extended period of time. It would be comforting to know that I could have access to back up power!

DB Johnson

Thanks for making it quiet!

Lisa Williams

This has so many great features! I love all the on board information you get about how it’s functioning and whether it is being overloaded. This would be fabulous for out rural area home!

Jean Price

could use one of these for sure having total electric house

Margie Young

This looks like a top of the line generatorwith all the great features. I wouldn’t miss any of the blogs giveaways if I had one of these when the power went out since it is sensitive to electronics !!



april goodwin

This is perfect for camping, it’s quiet and will run what we need. This is also going to be awesome in an emergency situation as well.


this would be great for my son & his family to use when camping and for my son’s work as a carpenter…he would use it a lot


This would be perfect for my son & his family when they go camping and for my son’s job in construction

tami husak

thi is great, my hubby has so been wanting and needing one!

Donna Evans

This would be great here in Florida for the hurricane season

lynette pruett

this would be awesome to win this because all the tools i do buy are ryobi

Kim Cowgar

The idea of having a generator always seemed like a good one but I always thought they were big, noise, complicated machines and the thought of actually trying to use one kind of scared me. From the info in your review, it seems that this generator is made for someone like me.

Barbara S

Thanks for having the drawing