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What is Probably the Coolest Balance Bike in the World CHILLAFISH’ BMXie-RS!


The BMXie-RS balance bike doesn’t compromise: designed in Antwerp, a real BMX-styled bicycle frame, oversized tubing but extremely lightweight. Equipped with Airless RubberSkin Tires, which means a foam core so they cannot puncture; and an outside rubber layer that makes them just like real tires. Great grip, but no need to pump… ever! Also, a balance bike helps teach 2- to 5-year-olds how to coordinate their balance.  

… and there is more! A super-duper cool design, adjustable seat without tools and a removable footrest. Need anything else? Maybe a detachable front number plate with various stickers? Got it! The BMXie-RS is probably the coolest balance bike in the world.

At Chillafish we don’t take a market item and give it a little twitch to make it look like a Chillafish product. We design from a white sheet of paper and start from scratch. That’s why this balance bike looks so much different from anything in the market.

Available in 5 bright colors, extremely light weighted, adjustable in height – without tools, detachable number plate & foot support, airless rubberskin tires – no need to inflate, age 2 – to – 5 years.

What is probably the coolest balance bike in the world? CHILLAFISH’ BMXie-RS!

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your little toddler, then look no further, now is a perfect time to get a BMXie-RS balance bike!

Until Christmas there’s an extra treasure hidden at your Costco warehouse:
CHILLAFISH’ most attractive balance bike BMXie-RS, available in blue & green!! YAY!!

Buy one now before they are all sold – limited offer until Christmas.  Hurry up and get your BMXie-RS at a discount of almost 50%!!
Available in-store at Costco for the special price of $49.99 each. For complete product details, visit here.  

Not convinced yet?! BUY ONE BMXie-RS at COSTCO and GET a $5 CASHBACK NOW!
All info can be found here.


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Will G

Looks like a nice affordable bike!


This would be a fun gift for my friend’s little girl.


I’ve heard great things about the balance bike and would love to give it a try.

Steve Weber

THis would be perfect for my nieces and nephews!


I like that the tires are made so that they never need to be pumped up, but still look like regular tires. Also, being able to adjust the seat without needing tools is a plus. The price it’s selling for at Costco stated in the review is reasonable.

Debbie E

I would love to try this with my youngest granddaughter..

Michelle Plummer

These are so neat, I wish they had these when my kids were little.

Sam Sasek

Love how lightweight it is… easier to balance!

Kim Avery

This is so cool! I can picture my grandsons gliding around on these!

tracey johnson

This is a great beginner bike

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Thanks a ton! This is definitely an amazing online site.

Kathy Davis

I love the fact that the balance bike helps teach 2- to 5-year-olds how to coordinate their balance. My granddaughter just turned five and has never been on a bike. Thanks for this opportunity to win one.

Tiffany Banks

This bike looks so cool!! My nephew would love it!

Ashley C

This is so neat! I love that its adjustable since all kids are different sizes! I think this would be perfect for my son.

kathy Persons

Super way for niece to learn how to ride a bike

Birdie Skolfield

great idea for lil ones wish they had them when my girls were little.

Gladys Aguilar

My son is almost 3 so this would be perfect for him. Thanks for the giveaway!

Stevie Ferris

I love these adorable little gifts. This would make such a great gift!

Robin Abrams

These bikes sound great for the little ones. My grand son would love one of these for Christmas

Heather B

What a great way to help little ones learn how to ride a bike!

Lauryn R

This is such an awesome balance bike! I love that it looks like a BMX bike, that is so cool! My daughter would love it! 🙂


My kids would have so much fun with this.

denise low

Thank you for the entry. This is a really cool bike for anyone.

Darlene Carbajal

Nice bike, would love for my niece!

Richard Brandt

I need to get those twins onto wheels now. This should do it.


I would love for my daughter to learn how to balance on a bike with this. She is almost getting big enough to ride!

susan smoaks

i love how this teaches the kids how to ride a bike. the concept is awesome.

Elizabeth Horvath


Laurie Nykaza

Such a cute colorful bike its so cute and love for the kids to get out and ride at the park .


I love that this is available at Costco. I think my son would love one! His dad & I are both big bike riders and hope to pass on the joy of biking.

Natalie Schilla

My son would love this. We have been wanting to get him a balance bike.

Teresa A Thompson

My grandson would love this!

heather kaufman

This is so cool, kids would love it.

Richard Hicks

Its a nice looking bike overall with benefit of making riding easy for them!

Jennifer H.

I like that it’s extremely lightweight.

wen budro

I like that it’s lightweight yet sturdy. Plus, it’s the perfect size for my toddler.

Christian Alejandro

This is a neat gift idea.

Shane A

This would be a great starter bike for my niece. And the price is very reasonable!

Kris Mihalov

Looks like a great teaching bike

Shelby Terwell

I think it looks like a great bike to help my daughter to learn how to ride a bike!


What a great idea!

John H.

I learned that this bike helps teach 2- to 5-year-olds how to coordinate their balance.

Michele Pineda

This is a really cute BMX style bike, the good thing is that it comes in lots of cool colors and is not heavy at all. Great for little ones to start out with.

Anita Jude

this bike sounds and looks like a good one for the little kids thanks for the review on it

Kathy Pease

This bike looks awesome and would be perfect for my granddaughter 🙂

Jodi Hassel

This would be perfect for my niece! I have heard such good things!

Samantha Martin

my son would love this. He is just starting out balancing on anything. look at how much this would help a kid. I wouldnt have to worry about him falling off so much :/

Jerry Marquardt

This is a very nice review on a dynamic bike. The specs are way above the industry standard.

brittany marie thompson
brittany marie thompson

Sounds perfect for my daughter

Jennifer Keating

I love that they come in all different colors so they can easily fit a child’s favorites. Too many bikes are just in the regular reds and blues.

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