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Did you know that National Peanut Butter Day is this Saturday, January 24, 2015? We have to celebrate!

Do you like peanut butter? My family likes peanut butter. A LOT. I mean, a lot, a lot. I like peanut butter. A lot. The hubby likes peanut butter even more than me, if that’s even possible. I’m pretty sure that if he were reduced to eating one food for the rest of his life, it would be peanut butter. Our dogs love peanut butter (and its extra fun watching them eat it). If you have a dog, feed them some peanut butter. Seriously, you won’t regret it! My daughter loves peanut butter. Fortunately she is not allergic. I’m pretty sure that if it turned out that she had a peanut allergy the hubby would leave us so he could eat peanut butter. Ok, maybe not, he could eat it at work, but it would be close.

So to say that we were more than a little overjoyed when the doorbell rang and there sat a box of Peanut Hottie in all of its glory would be a minor understatement. Thrilled? Ecstatic? Euphoric? I don’t even know. I am still fidgeting just thinking about it.


So what is Peanut Hottie? It’s like hot chocolate. But peanut butter!!! When I first saw it I pretty much freaked out and started jumping for joy. I may even have danced a little jig.

It’s such an awesome idea I’m kind of surprised the hubby never thought of it. We could be millionaires right now, floating around on a boat, exploring the world… Okay, maybe not but it sounds really nice, doesn’t it? Where was I? Oh yes, Peanut Hottie!! To indulge in this yummy goodness, all you do is heat up some water or milk in the microwave (or on the stove top if you know how to use one of those contraptions), mix in some Peanut Hottie, and Bam!! You can make it however you like. Add in a couple of teaspoons and you end up with a nice hot cup of sinful goodness without the guilt! I swear, you can enjoy Peanut Hottie for as little as 83 calories per serving!! I’m pretty sure you could do milk and five or six teaspoons, not that I tried it or anything, and end up with peanut butter sauce for ice cream. Let’s be honest, anytime you can find a way to incorporate ice cream, it’s a winner.

About Peanut Hottie

Peanut Hottie is the first of its kind! This hot peanut butter drink brings the rich, beloved flavor of peanut butter to a smooth, delicious beverage for only 83 calories per cup. Available in Wal-Mart stores nationwide, this delectable treat is made with real peanuts, is caffeine free, suitable for vegetarians, and contain no artificial additives and no artificial colors.

Peanut Hottie is available in original Peanut Butter flavor and Peanut Butter & Chocolate flavor. We recommend you pick up a jar of both as they both are AMAZING!

Peanut Hottie is available in 9.15oz jars, which contain approximately 13 servings.

Please note, for a decadent peanut buttery drink that is more “figure-friendly” 83 calorie cup follow the water-based directions on the package.  

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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voiding my opinion of this product.


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danyelle wright

I love peanut butter and I wanna try some of this peanut butter hottie and love the jar

Cindy Merrill

I would add a scoop of Chocolate protein powder and use this as a nutritious treat between meals.

Maryann D.

I do enjoy peanut butter and I love hot chocolate, so this drink would be fantastic for myself and my family. I do like that it is lower in calories also.

judy maharrey

I have a son who thinks peanut butter is the best food in the world! I love peanut butter also. To combine this in a drink form and with chocolate is amazing! Even if I don’t win, I will go to walmart and get my own!

Vicki Wurgler

I like that it is caffeine free, a warm cup at night on a cold winter day sounds great

Kim Mangrum

Wow. I have never heard of this but it sounds yummy. I think this would be a great way to satifsy a sweet tooth craving. i will have to look for this in walmart.

Heather in VA

This sounds really good. Would love to try it.

Kim Pinch

I love peanut butter but I am not sure I would want to drink on it’s own. The chocolate and peanut butter sound great or maybe I would add some banana flavor.

Lisa Williams

I’ve never heard of this but I seriously want to try it,especially the chocolate and peanut butter drink,I love that combo! I’m a big peanut butter fan so I’m very excited about this.

wendy browne

How interesting! My kids would love to try this, they are always looking for something filling at snack time.

Chris Kelly Lasch

Sounds interesting. I’d like to try it.

Erinn S

My son thinks PB is its own food group! He would love this

Leslie S.

I am actually drooling right now. I love peanut butter so much I eat it at least once a day (usually twice). How could I not know that this existed? I’m going to make a special Walmart trip just to see if I can find it, because now that I know about it I HAVE to try it. 😉


I never would of thought of this, I have a teen that LOVES peanut butter, we will be trying it, thanks.


We love peanut butter around here…this product sounds pretty amazing! I’d love to try it!

The Frugal Exerciser

I would like to try the chocolate peanut butter drink and it is great it is only 83 calories per serving.

Rachel Mauffray

I have been making my own hot peanut butter drink since 1993. But I’m always open to try one that I don’t have to make myself.

Dan Jones

A peanut butter tea? That sounds fantastic!

K Davis

I would love to try this drink. Everyone in my family loves peanut butter.

Gina Gallagher

These drinks sound delicious. I would love to try them. Hot chocolate is kinda boring to me, but hot peanut butter and chocolate – now that sounds interesting.

Michelle M

That sounds amazing. I would love to try these!

Linda Madden

My family loves peanut butter. I would love to try this.

Cathleen King

I love peanut butter and would love to try it.


This looks absolutely fabulous. One of my favorite things is peanut butter shakes, so I bet this would be amazing over ice.

jessica z

I love peanut butter and I love hot drinks in the winter! I want to try this so bad and add some dark chocolate chips!


My mom loves, Loves, LOVES peanut butter…she sits with a jar and a spoon and eats. She would LOVE this and I just saw it in the store tonight! WOO HOo!

marla king

I would love to try this………sound yummy!!

Rajee Pandi

I love peanut butter

Cynthia C

If it were up to me, every day would be National Peanut Butter Day. This looks delicious!


Yes, I do like peanut butter, but I’m very picky, so I’m told about which ones I’ll eat. A few of my family members love, and I mean LOVE peanut butter.

Robin Abrams

Ohh this sounds so good. This would be a hit in my house we all love Peanut Butter

Darlene Sullins

I am a peanut butter lover and this would totally satisfy my peanut butter cravings! Yum!

joanna reed

Love peanut butter and I really like warm drinks. I have not heard of this product before. Thank you

Marilyn Nawara

This sounds delicious — I want to try it.

Michelle Plummer

This looks delicious, can’t wait to try it!

Faye Gates

Well, this is so new to me. I can’t even imagine what it would taste like.


I love peanut butter anything! This would be great after a snow shoveling day.


I love anything that combines chocolate and peanut butter!

Tamra Gibson

Wow I have never heard of this but like many others I can’t get enough of peanut butter. I actually ordered about a year ago a peanut butter flavoring for cakes or smoothies and I guess the extract was too much because I sure didn’t taste peanut butter. This would without a doubt be right up there with my candle addiction lol


sounds so yummy

Cheryl Larimer

I mainline peanut butter right out of the jar and can’t wait to try this. Thanks for the review.

Judy Schechter

OMG, how good does this sound? My 2 favorite foods: peanut butter and chocolate, together in a drinkable form! YUM! Thanks for the review, I can’t wait to try it!


I love peanut butter. I’ll have to get some of this to try.


This makes me so happy. I love peanut butter in all forms but have never had it as a hot beverage! Yum!!!


this sounds delicious!!! i would love to try it!


This would be the best cup of hot peanut butter we have ever had! As we too love peanut butter in this household. Wonderful idea!

Nicholas Balandiat

Peanut butter and a drink, this sounds FABULOUS! I love these flavors and I love peanuts!

Darlene Carbajal

My two favorite things! I must try this!


This sounds so amazing. I love drinking hot chocolate so I think I would equally love drinking hot peanut.

Tenley Erickson

Great review! My family would love this. We all enjoy Peanut Butter and warm drinks! Yummy 🙂