The Odd Life of Timothy Green


The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a movie that more people can put themselves in to than I’d like to admit. The story is based on a couple that are unable to conceive a child, they begin at what seems to be an adoption center hearing the feedback on there application. Unfortunate the news does not seem so great, they have been declined. This is not the end of a horrible story that you might think, the same day when they return home things begin to change.At first Cindy (The wife of Jim) begins to break down after thinking about how she couldn’t conceive. This is when Jim steps in and pulls out a pad and pen beginning to write.


On the first paper he begins to claim that his son would not quit, and after he has written it down on the paper he rips it and continues. They begin to both speak of things that they would want in there child claiming he is this way. After a long list of ideas they place the papers in to a wooden box burying it in the backyards garden. The following night a storm wakes up Jim, he makes his way down to the first floor of the home locking the door to the house. Seeing no one around he walks back up stairs to cuddle his wife in bed. This is the moment his wife opens the door asking if he had said something. I’m going to stop there, but just know that the boy that becomes there child is more than just a miracle.

To keep things simple, through the whole movie, Timothy begins to experience ever form of idea that had been placed in the box. There is only one thing that could hold this child back and it would be the implanted leaves that are around his shin. This movie, has it’s sad moments but better good that bad, the ending will strike your hearts and I hope you get to enjoy this great film as much as I did.


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