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Natural Escape: The Perfect Bed For Everyone


If you have been looking for a mattress to eliminate your restless nights, then you may have just found the mattress for you. The Natural Escape was designed with everyone in mind. They have removed the too firm, and too soft dilemma you face when shopping for other mattress brands. The Natural Escape mattress has a supported pocketed spring system, to minimize unwanted pressure points. A thick layer of 100% Natural Latex helps relieve any remaining pressure to the body. When everything else is done, the Natural Escape is quilted with soft organic cotton, and natural wool for the most comfortable night rest you’ve had in years. 

Mattress size

  • Twin Mattress
  • Twin X-Long Mattress   
  • Full Mattress
  • Full X-Long Mattress 
  • Queen Mattress 
  • King Mattress
  • Cal King Mattress

The Natural Escape mattress is like sleeping on a cloud. That is the easiest way to explain it, you won’t wake up with any aches or pains from sleeping in one position to long. It was nice to not have to toss, and turn all night long just to readjust to comfort. I find myself wanting to rest every time I lay down in my Natural Escape. Within minutes it seems like hours have passed. 



  • All Natural Joma wool and soft organic cotton fabric quilted cover.  
  • Three inches of 100% natural latex allows for comfortable restorative sleep.
  • 968 pocketed coil spring system with a firmer seating edge
  • Mattress finishes at 11″ in height

 The Natural Escape is designed with your best interests in mind. With that being said the Natural Escape mattress is produced with no flame retardant chemicals. The all natural wool used in the quilting procedure, acts as a flame retardant in the case of any mishaps. All Natural Escape mattress’s are delivered roll-package. The mattress is rolled up, making transportation easier when it is delivered. You should have no problems getting it through your front door. The packed Natural Escape fit through every space in our home. When we got it to the room it was as easy as removing the packaging. The Natural Escape folded open, and he put it right up onto our bed-frame.

Keep your significant other in mind with Easter sneaking up around the corner. When they come home after a long day of work, the Natural Escape mattress will help them relax. No more restless nights, or even counting sheep to get the sleep you are reaching for. It can all be eliminated with the Natural Escape mattress. The quality of the Natural Escape is obvious at first glance. Once you replace your old mattress with the new you will never go back. 

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Christina Smith

This looks extremely comfortable. I am in need of a new mattress!

Pauline Gorczycki

I’m in need of a new bed. This bed i have now is so uncomfortable it’s not funny. I DON’T get sleep at all.


This looks really comfortable, and I love that it’s not too soft or too firm. My mom is in need of a new mattress, and this is perfect!


Looks so comfy! Mom and sister and aunt and uncle need new mattresses since they had a terrible bed bug infestation last year. Oh well. Sheers to entries!

Ronique Gibson

I love the fact that it is green and organically made. So many mattresses have off gassing issues and you need it to air for days. 🙁 We could really use a new mattress and this one looks like it would be great quality.

Loretta MUSSER

We need a new mattress. .this looks lovely!

Sheri Bernal

I would love this mattress! I haven’t slept well in a while. Always waking up sore. Love that it is a green mattress organically made.

Laura Pruett

Just this morning, I was thinking how nice it would be to have a new mattress. This one looks ideal!


First off, I love quilted top mattresses! It’s like sleeping on a pillow! I definitely toss and turn almost every night so this mattress would do the trick.

Anne Perry

It is oh so important to use organic products in our house, on our bodies and in our food.
I am very interested in this company.

Jeena Bittenbender

I love that this mattress is all natural. I’ve been sleeping on a blow up mattress for 2 years now and it’s really effecting my back. Would be amazing to have a real mattress again.

Stephanie Phelps

Oh I love all the natural products and to have something that could help me sleep better because it helps to take the pressure off would be amazing! He also has problems with his back so we would both benefit so much from this awesome mattress!

Angelica Dimeo

I like that you won’t wake up with pain like most matresses

Jan Hall

Sounds like it would be very comfortable. I could use it since I have Fibromyalgia. I love that it is made with natural products.

lissa crane

I love that this mattress is made from all organic materials! We really spend so much time on our mattresses, that it’s one of the most important places for us to be in a healthy environment! It really makes sense.

Wendy Forbes

This mattress looks so comfortable and well made.

Dotty J Boucher

This mattress sounds so wonderful, it has been years since I bought a new one. Would be nice to own a queen size of this, maybe I would be able to sleep better at night.


I love the its 100% latex free

Hilary Mahoney

Looks sooooo comfy! Would love to have one!

Pamela Gurganus

I’ve been shopping for a new mattress and this one sounds perfect! Thank you for sharing this review!

Michele Cupp

I love that it’s soft organic cotton and natural wool.

Trisha Burgess

This looks like a really good quality and comfy mattress!

sherry blamer

I wonder if I could use this mattress. I have a slight allergy to latex. What par I wonder contains the latex. it would be great if I could still use a bed like this without breaking out.

Jacqueline Dunkin

I love what this mattress seems to offer! Would like to try it out or see more reviews on comfort level. Thank you! I never even thought of organic mattresses before tonight. 🙂

Calshondra Williams

I really need a new mattress. Both me and hubby awaken to aches & pains from sleeping in one place. I would love to finally be comfortable. Thanks for the opportunity and chance to win.

Jennifer Odom

This mattress sound amazingly comfortable!

Dana Matthews

“…like sleeping on a cloud”….that sounds heavenly! Love that it is made with 100% natural products. Great review with lots of good information.

Holly Thomas

I need a new mattress and this sounds perfect!

Olivia Douglass

Wow- what an awesome mattress! We could use a new one!

jennifer laur

this looks really great, and i love that its shipped rolled up for easy delivery. our current mattress is garbage!

Nancy Burgess

This looks very comfortable and we’ll made.I would love to win this!

Sandra Watts

This looks really nice and so comfortable too. What I wouldn’t do for a new mattress!

Sarah L

My mattress is 20 years old. This would be a wonderful replacement for it.

Robin Creager

This is the kind of mattress I’ve been dreaming of..ORGANIC! Very good quality mattress worth investing in. Healthy as well. My husband and I have been looking for just that one that will be worth the money and this looks like the one we will be looking further into. Thanks for the review!

Kelly Nicholson

all i know is my matress is shaggy..i need a new one..this looks super//thanks


I’m sure I am not the only one with health issues that would be relieved with a new mattress, so I will not elaborate.
Although I WILL say that this being 100% organic certainly adds value and excitement to the possibility of winning 🙂


I have never heard of natural latex before! I would love to try this mattress!

Melissa S

We are badly in need of a new mattress, ours is so old it is ridiculous, Though we did invest in a good one when we bought our set, This sounds perfect and the pricing seems to be in line with what I would expect to pay for a good mattress.

Tammy Catterton

I have to say the mattress looks well made from natural materials. What a great review !

Michelle Stutzman

this is a really nice bed hope it is a soft as it looks

john gibson

I like that it is all natural latex. I always wonder what’s in those memory foam mattresses.

Katie H

This mattress looks like a dream, and nice that it is natural!


I love the soft top but firm enough to prevent sore backs.

N, Young

I have a degenerative back, as well as asthma, and can’t tell you how inviting these mattresses seem!

Teresa D Null

i am so so in need of a new mattress.. This would be a God send.. i have had the same mattress 20 years and i know i am due another one.. i have so many health issues that i know that a new mattress would make them so much better

Erin Ellis

This looks like such a fabulous and comfy bed!

Case sickmiller

Looks vary comfortable and relaxing wish I could get one!

Amy Hall

I’m incredibly curious about a latex mattress, would love to try one.

Karen Adams

Wow looks so comfortable..We need a new mattress.hoping for good luck..Thanks for the chance

Trish F

This sounds like a great mattress. I’ve been thinking that it is time for a new one and one of my main concerns are toxins. This mattress might be my solution. Thanks for a great review.

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